Xerxe Inc.

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Xerxe Inc., a multibillion-dollar industrial behemoth with business footprints in cutting-edge advanced research and innovations in almost all of the world's most innovative firms, has recently experienced a financial downturn. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy due to recent cyber security breaches that resulted in the theft of the company's Intellectual Property and proprietary advanced secrets and inventions. Who then planted ransomware to encrypt their own files, and any attempts to fix the problem will result in their server files being wiped clean.
The innovative company has lost a lot of investor confidence as a result of its recent misfortunes. The company has not yet released an official statement or even give a bearing as to how much of their trade secrets including government advanced research has been stolen. Although recently a statement of action was issued and the path to its redemption was said to be by trying to reverse the damages done by the cyber attackers. One way to do this is by computer forensic audits by cyber security experts.
This will be my analysis of the available platforms that Xerxes Inc. can use to find a solution for their networking, Server files, and the entire ICT infrastructure firewall security flaws, that gave the malicious attackers vulnerabilities that they exploited
Am going to write a comprehensive document that covers on aspects of information communications technology. Their eminent threats and the various ways to mitigate the threats, in a way that will give options to solutions that Xerxes Inc., can utilize to prevent such attacks from happening. Thus secure their company data as well as their proprietary intellectual properties.
This will be achieved through the use of penetration testing to have an analysis of what happened, which security firewall features had flaws, what was the extent of the breach on the server files. However, later use step by step threat assessment by either identification of the threats likely to be faced in the future, analysis and security audit of a limited number of employees with clearance access codes, to sensitive classified data files within the server files. Carrying out data log analysis to check for integrity of data structure and making sure any alterations are identified and solutions are given for way forward.
Document Outline
This is how I will specifically proceed with my security analysis of what happened prior to the cyber -attacks and stipulate my findings and recommendations with security preventive measures.
Background Information_x005F Scope and Extent of Damages Caused
Security Analysis and Threats Identifications
Identification of Threats._x005F Carrying out Penetration Testing and Findings_x005F Analysis of Employees with Access to Proprietary Data File on the Server._x005F Audits of the Entire ICT security infrastructure and recommendations.
Recommendations and Preventive Measures
Firewall updates and Use of Auxiliary Security Preventive Layers._x005F Conduct Frequent security tests on the ICT Infrastructure._x005F Implementation of the Recommendations by ICT security Experts.
The findings of the security audits will enable the company Xerxe Inc., to be able to figure out what happened whether it was an inside job or a malicious cybersecurity attack. This will give an overview of what they should do to prevent such an attack from ever happening in the first place. By adopting recommendations and security measures that will be availed to them as a solution to their vulnerability in terms of cyber-attacks.
The research will be ready as of 18th Feb the year 2016.Availability of a rough draft paper will be by 20th March 2016.I will give a submission of the finalized draft with fine print details as by 6th of April 2016 as a completed document to the top executive leadership of Xerxe Inc.

September 21, 2021
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