How to Write an Essay Fast: Guide From Academic Experts!

October 19, 2022

Every day, another student asks themselves, how to write an essay fast yet keep the quality up. Studies can get exhausting, especially when homework keeps piling up. Doing all the work faster would be a miracle, and we have some good news here. This miracle is possible, all you have to do is follow eight easy steps! You could always hire an essay writer if you’re in a rush, or you could let us explain what a typical paper consists of, which sections deserve more attention and how to save your time when writing on your own.

Step One: Plan Your Time to See How to Write a Paper Fast

The process of writing could be intimidating, which is why sometimes students prefer to pay for research papers instead of spending their days on homework. But trust us, this threat is exaggerated. What you need is to plan your work in advance. How to write essays faster? Learn your deadline and decide how many hours you would dedicate to an essay. Separate your work into parts and devise a schedule for each. When you have a sharp understanding of your time, uncertainty fades and you see what you need to do at which stage. Planning expels fear, and the necessity to write stops being worrisome. This is 5% of the entire process.

Step Two: Read Essay Prompt and Answer It

Before students understand how to quickly write an essay, they should figure out what their essay even is — these are 5 more percent. Read instructions carefully. Settle on the genre because they differ a lot. Analysis essay is built upon extensive research and critical thinking; descriptive essays require observational skills; reflections demand self-searching and so on. Explore type of paper and make certain you understand the central question. Consult your teacher or friends if you need. You could also find a fast essay writing service and seek clarifications on its website or ask its operators. Understanding simplifies writing and kills off anxiety.

Step Three: Do Your Research

Another step in understanding how to write papers faster is researching your topic. Do it quickly, in 10%. There is no need for looking for all possible information in a textbook or online — just use relevant keywords and search databases with academic articles. Google Scholar is one good example, but usually, colleges have their own electronic library. You can find helpful sources within five minutes! Ascertain that they are new and cover an appropriate topic, read an abstract, and if it fits, look through the article. It will give you ideas for your paper directly.

Step Four: 20% of Time Goes into Making an Outline

You don’t need to know how to write an essay quickly if you aren’t ready to create an outline because these two elements have a strong connection. Outline means a strategy. Students plan what they’re going to tell their readers to step by step. Craft a thesis, a strong and definite claim that must demonstrate the point of your work. Come up with what you’ll be saying in the introduction, which body paragraph will focus on what, and how it all relates to the thesis. Write it down. An outline should not be lengthy — just make it comprehensive. That’s 20% of work already done.

Step Five: Write Key Sentences for Each Paragraph

This strategy of how to write a quick essay basically means expanding an outline. Only this time, you’re writing down complete sentences, not just ideas. Look at your plan for paragraph 1. What is its central point? Craft a couple of lines exploring it. They should be the bone of your text, and during the next steps, you’ll create meat around it. Follow this pattern for all body paragraphs. Introduction and conclusion aren’t necessary here, since they are separate sections that require another approach.

Step Six: Introduction and Conclusion

People who know how to write essays quickly understand academic rules. Here’s one of them: the size of introductions and conclusions shouldn’t exceed 10% of the word count. These sections must be concise but clear, and they should cover the following nuances. Introduce the background of your topic. Hook your audience by sharing an interesting fact about it; clarify why your theme is relevant and end the introduction with the thesis. Never share new info in conclusion, but do not copy anything from your text either. Re-state your previous points using other words. Keep these in mind so crafting the intro and conclusion will be a piece of cake!

Step Seven: Spend 40% Writing an Essay

You’re now aware of how to write essay quickly, but you need to actually complete the most time-consuming part of this process. Rely on an outline, key sentences and start composing the remaining text around them. It will be easier when you see prepared ideas and logical links — they will majorly save time. Instead of getting lost in different thoughts, you’ll be moving strictly in one direction, never losing sight of your endpoint.

Step Eight: Spend the Remaining 5% on Revision

Despite knowing how to write an essay fast, students should still edit it. Yes, it takes more time, but since we’re talking about quick papers, it’s extra relevant. Students make more mistakes when they are doing their job fast, ranging from typos to missed words or grammar issues. Leave your paper for a couple of hours, then come back, re-read it aloud. It won’t take you longer than five or ten minutes, but you’ll catch the majority of issues and make sure that essay looks good enough for sending to the professor!

We Know How to Write a Good Essay Fast

By following these steps, you shall complete your paper with surprising speed. Many other students have tested this method and achieved the best results. But exceptions happen, so if you have more questions, get additional help. Contact the best writing services with the words, “Could you correct my essay today?”, consult operators or leave us your feedback. We’ll gladly offer more advice!