150 Informative Speech Topics for an Awesome Paper

November 29, 2022

Coming up with interesting informative speech topics for student is a responsible task. Someone needs to write a speech every day, but most people have no idea where to start. They lack ideas or direction, which is why they often wonder, “Maybe I could find someone who would write college papers for money for me?” This is certainly a solution, but there is another one! Find a topic that interests you and start your research using inspiration as your fuel. We made up a list with over 150 relevant themes that you’re bound to find helpful. Check it out!

What Is Informative Speech?

To find a great informative speech topic, you must understand the definition. Do it before you say, “I want you to write my speech for me since I don’t think I can handle it.” Informative speech is a text that aims to inform people of something, be that an event, a person, a movement, etc. It should be precise, factual, and compelling enough to interest your audience, even if you settle on creative informative speech topics. You must know what you’re talking about, and for the best results, you need to love the theme you chose to cover. That’s why making the right choice can predetermine your future success.

Ways of Choosing the Best Informative Speech Topics 2022

The golden rules of topic selection remain the same no matter what type of speech you are preparing. Follow your own interests. If you’re interested in a theme, then you’ll enjoy doing research on it; if you like research, you’ll create a perfect speech that you’ll be able to deliver effectively, conquering the hearts and minds of other people. But what are good informative speech topics? Are you struggling with finding a really interesting one? Check your browser. What did you discuss on Facebook recently? What did you post on Tumblr or Reddit the last time? Your answers might be right there!

The Newest List of Informative Speech Ideas for Students

When students tell us, “Could you write my assignment for me today?”, we offer them several options. Our writers could select an example of informative speech topics for them or they could do it personally. Crafting a flawless speech is a piece of cake for professionals, but you’ll still need to be the one to deliver it to your audience. The more excited you are, the better. To help boost your inspiration, we prepared a list with the most interesting ideas. Grab any of them for free!

Informative speech topics for high school students

Students in high school follow simpler instructions. They could pick from less complicated themes if they want to, and we offer some examples.

1) Exploring Your Favorite School Subject and Reasons Explaining Why You Like It
2) Problems in American High School Communities
3) Major Problem of Bullying of New Students
4) Impact that Years-Long COVID Has Had on High-School Learning around the World
5) Developing the Most Useful Curriculum Everyone Would Love
6) Role of Sport in Life of High School Students: Is It Negative or Positive?  
7) World Regions That Do Not Have Schools: Correcting This Situation in Theory  
8) Effect of Cell Phones on Students’ Academic Performance: Explain How It Dropped and Became Better
9) Elaborate on Depression among Students in High School: Common Reasons and Treatment Methods
10) Ways of Addressing Increasing Cases of High School Shooting in the US

Informative speech topics for college students

How about college students? They need to craft a speech on more difficult topics than those who study at high school, but at the same time, this complexity shouldn’t be as staggering as what’s expected from university level.

11) What Is Personal Success for You as a College Student?
12) Combining Work and College: Rules and Strategies for Achieving an Ideal Balance
13) When Is It Too Late to Change a Major Life Decision and Start Doing Something Else?
14) Reasons That Students Need to Consider When Selecting College
15) Steps for Writing the Most Powerful Application Essay
16) Why Are Some People Against Using Vaccines: Justify or Refute Their Reasons for Audience
17) Buying New Books vs. Getting Their Second-Hand Versions: Benefits + Drawbacks
18) Strategies for Becoming a Persuasive Public Speaker Who Is Not Afraid of a Crowd   
19) Inform People About Your Favorite Character: Do Analysis to Prove Your Point   
20) Why Birds Have a Vital Place in a World and Why We Should Support Them at all Costs

Informative speech ideas on education

Every student has something to say about education since it involves them directly. Why don’t you try it yourself, too?

21) What Makes Education System the Best, in Your View?
22) Unequal Approach to Educational Resource Distribution: Why It Happens  
23) Why Did Education Become Worse in so Many Countries Recently?
24) Abuse of Students or Strict Teachers? Legal and Ethical Differences
25) How Do Family Dynamics Affect Education?
26) Damage of Diets on Students’ Health: How to Avoid It?
27) Is Education Overrated These Days? Examples of Successful People Who Didn’t Graduate
28) Specifics of Education System in Somalia: Explore It from Birth to Evolution / Regression  
29) Strategies for Recognizing and Reporting Harassment in United States
30) Do Grades Matter More or Less as Students Mature and Change Educational Establishments?

Informative speech topics for university

Finally, here are university-level topics. They require more research and determination.

31) Is There a Point in Working for PhD Degree?
32) Realistic Ways to Colonize Another Planet in 2023
33) Which University You Would Consider the Best
34) People’s Overreliance on Electricity and What It Might Lead To
35) Main Differences between College and University in America  
36) Is There Such Thing as Too Much Education?
37) What Motivates Some American Students to Study Abroad, Especially in Less Developed Countries
38) How Your Dreams as a Child Evolved into Your Adulthood
39) An Example of Corrupt University: Its Background and Reasons  
40) Losing a Relative While Studying: Coping Strategies for Handling Grief and Studies at the Same Time

Controversial topics for informative speeches

Some people love the idea of arguing with others or exploring controversial ideas. This is a chance to select a fitting subject!

41) Is Effectiveness of Police in American Underestimated?
42) US’ Failure to Assist Ukraine in Defeating Russia Quickly Shows Our World’s Unfairness
43) The Problem of Climate Change Is Not as Urgent as It Appears
44) Is Democracy Still the Most Ideal form of Government?
45) Government Does Not Deserve the Taxes It Collects: They Are Overly High
46) American Healthcare System Is among the Worst in Modern World
47) Video Games Should Never Become a Type of Sport: Differences Are Too Profound
48) It Is Insulting to Have Discussions about Abortions in 21st Century  
49) The Richest People Could Solve World’s Problems If They Wanted: The Problem Is, They Are Not Interested  
50) Animal Abuse Should Be Punished as Severely as Human Abuse

Informative speech topics in 2022

This category has the most relevant options for 2022. We brainstormed a lot to make this pick of topics!

51) How War in Ukraine Changed the World
52) Our World After COVID
53) Looking at Wars Where America Participated and Comparing It to Its Role Now
54) More People Prefer to Work from Their Homes than from the Office
55) What 2022 Changed About People’s Work Dynamics
56) Getting Food Is Becoming More Expensive These Days: Elaborate on Possible Reasons
57) 2022 Revealed How Dependent People Are on Internet
58) The Bloody History of Russia and How It Became a Fascist Empire  
59) Elon Musk and His Role in Shaping Latest Technologies
60) Overview of Modern Weapons and Their Efficiency on the Example of Wars Fought in the World

Fun informative speech topics

Who doesn’t like having fun? Everyone needs joy at some point in their life, so if you’d like to base your speech on it, here you go.

61) The Funniest Episode in Your Life: Inform What It Entailed and How It Passed
62) The Wildest Conspiracy Theories You’ve Heard
63) BTS Is the Best Band in Our World: Here Is Why
64) Little Finger Is the Most Important Finger of All
65) Having a Cat Means to Taste Bliss
66) Why People Buy Things They Never Actually Wanted
67) Showing Gratitude to a Person Who Gave You a Bad Gift: Personal Reasoning + Strategy  
68) Stopping Hiccups in the Middle of Important Meeting
69) What Is the Most Embarrassing Moment in a World’s History?
70) Businesses That Started as a Joke: Name at Least Three of Them

Short informative speech topics

These topics are for those who wouldn’t mind writing speech on quick topics.

71) Robots Should Never Be Given Life
72) Inform People of Your Favorite Cookie Recipe
73) Why Rain Is Soothing to One’s Mind
74) Your Role Model
75) Why I Love Birds
76) Structures of Nuclear Families
77) Why War Is Bad
78) Having Best Friends Could Save Your Life
79) Best Pillow Manufacturers
80) Benefits of eBooks

Literature and history informative speech topics

This category combines two sets of topics. Pick any of them if you like these subjects!

81) How Rome Blossomed into a Prosperous City Once and What Happened After That  
82) Danger That e-Collections Pose to Standard Libraries
83) How Eifel Tower Came to Be and What Lied Under the Idea of Its Creation
84) Ghost Writers: Their Functions and Value in Helping People Create Their Stories or Articles  
85) Has Russian Military Power Been Overestimated?
86) Youngest Writers to Have Become Famous: How Old They Were, What They Wrote and How They Gained Fame  
87) What Key Events in the World Almost Did Not Happen
88) How North Korea Became the Prison It Is
89) Role that Allied Forces Played in WW2: Is Their Contribution to Victory Overestimated?
90) Explain What Makes Your Favorite Book the Best so that Your Audience Would Be Able to Relate

Informative speech themes on justice and law

Are you interested in justice? Then how about exploring a relevant topic in this field?

91) When Is Using Torrents to Download Online Content Legal, If Ever?
92) The Biggest Injustice in the World: Your Personal Example and Opinion
93) How to Stop Corruption in Agencies That Are Supposed to Serve Justice
94) Why Do Different Countries Have Varying Minimal Wages
95) Why Do Some Divorces Take Such a Long Time Before They Are Finalized?
96) Should Smoking Be Illegal in All Spaces, Including Homes?
97) When People Over-Rely on Police Assistance and Why and What It Might Result In
98) Most 911 Operators Do Not Have Appropriate Training and Experience    
99) Should Immigration Become Open for Every Interested Party?
100) What Alford Plea Is and How It Developed and How Often the Accused Use It

Informative speech topics on politics and culture

Politics and culture often go hand in hand. Explore both of them along with their mutual influence!

101) Putin as the Bloodiest Dictator of 21rst Century: Trace His History and Share It in Detail  
102) How Culture in Russia Shaped the Beliefs of Its People
103) Three Most Shocking Traditions in the World that Few People Know about
104) Explain the Differences between Democrats and Republicans Briefly
105) How Culture Shapes People’s Views on Morality
106) European Union Could Have Fallen Apart in the Past
107) Traditions in United States that Could Shock Chinese People
108) How Developed Countries Interfere in Politics of Developing States
109) Why Politics Is Viewed as Dirty Business No Sane Person Should Want to Enter
110) Tell about the Oldest President in the World’s History: Is His Age a Benefit or a Hindrance?

Informative speech themes on economy and finance

Not everyone likes economy, but those who do know what they’d like to discuss! Pick from these interesting options.

111) Free Trade Agreement: Who Benefits From It Most and Why
112) Does Every Person Need to Study Economy to Be Successful in Their Job Even If It Is Unrelated?
113) The Main Financial Rule Each Human Being Should Know
114) Optimal Strategies for Financing Your Education Without Getting into Endless Debts
115) Recognizing Main Patterns in Stock Market
116) How Do Freelancers Support Their Economy?
117) Explain How Ukrainian Economy Survives Despite an Almost Year-Long War
118) Which Financial Resources Exist for Socially Unprotected People?
119) Implications of Elon Musk’s Decision to Buy Twitter
120) Why Investing into Indian Economy Makes Sense

Informative speech topics on society

Society is one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Discover more about it by exploring one of topics below!

121) Is Society More Morally Reprehensible Now Than It Was Before?
122) Describe Immediate Society You Interact with
123) Reasons that Could Explain How Russians Can Support the War
124) How Human Kindness Has the Power to Transform the World
125) Does Government Control Society or Vice Versa?
126) Why Rich People Never Sponsor Continuation of TV Shows They Love
127) When Did Society Start Being Divided into Different Classes?
128) The Problem of Racism Now vs. In the Past
129) Did Our World Become More Accepting of Same-Sex Relationships?
130) How Different Societies Raise Their Children

Informative speech topics on psychology and communication

Learning how human mind works is fascinating. Do it and educate your audience!

131) Is Communication Overrated in Romantic Relationships?
132) Friendships Should Always Be Mutual: Truth or Lie?
133) Is It Possible to Correctly Assess a Person from the First Glance?
134) Should Work Communication Be 100% Transparent? Take a Stance
135) Why Psychologists Often Cannot Help Themselves
136) What Is Interpersonal Communication and How It Affects Bonds between People Today
137) Do Social Networks Damage People’s Bonds or Promote Them?
138) How Open Communication Affected True Crime Community and Discussion Forums
139) It Is Better to Speak with Children in an Adult Voice instead of Adapting to Their Childish Style and Manners
140) Explain What Motivates Multiple People to Get Married Early Only to Get Divorce Shortly Afterward

Informative speech topics about environment

Almost every person wants to protect environment but few know much about it. Boost your knowledge with research on these themes!

141) Five Real Strategies That Might Help Us Save Environment Starting with Today
142) What Effect Plastic Has on Environment: Myths and Realities
143) How Our World Could Look Like If Meat Industries Were Completely Dismantled  
144) How Current War between Russia and Ukraine Affects Environment Both Locally and Globally
145) Which Industry Affects the World in the Worst Possible Way?
146) List and Elaborate on Five Top Reasons Behind Pollution in 2022
147) Danger of Oil Spills and Consequences that the Last of Them Has Had on Our Countries
148) Technologies and Their Constant Development Harm Environment More than They Help It
149) Possibility of Turning Seawater into Fresh Water Supplies and Sending Them to Countries That Need It
150) Explore Effects of Cosmetics on Modern Life from the Perspective of Striving to Establish Healthy Environment

Select Your Favorite Topic and Write That Awesome Essay

Now that you've seen all the good informative speech essay topics, time to make a choice! Sure, if you struggle at any point, use personal statements writing services, and we’ll help you. Contact us right away, explain your task, and we’ll do everything from scratch.

But if you still want to work on an essay personally, go for it! Go through our list with the best informative speech topics above, consider all topics and settle on the one that makes your heart beat faster. Let us know which one you picked!