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UM: we have little time, let me get straight to the point. There has been reports of faulty modules complaints by our customers, decrease in productivity. What is the issue?

PM: sir, the Crawley plant has been producing faulty modules for a while which is increasing our cost of production because of rework, repairs, overtime…..

CM: sir let m…..

PM: please stop interrupting me, as I was saying sir…overtime and additional inspections. I requested the additional expenses from these problems to be transferred to the Crawley plant but the manager has been giving me a hard time and has refused to accept costs.

CM: it is very ridiculous for my plant to accept the costs because we follow the protocol during inspection of 95% of all products so some faulty products may pass without inspection….we also bear the expense of repairing items from outside vendors when faulty pieces are not returned to them.

PM: but the production error comes from your plant, I cannot afford to clean up your messes every time

CM: I find it very weird when modules reach your plant are of poor quality but when they leave my plant they are of the desired quality…our  modules are above 95% of the desired quality…

UM: I have heard both sides of the story…you as our major plant managers need to be able to work together in harmony…this is what will happen…any faulty modules should be returned to the mother plant for repairs….

CM: but sir…

UM: ….and the receiving company will conduct 100% inspection on all modules before releasing them to the market…case closed…you are free to leave..

(UM- universal manager, PM- Philips manager, CM- Crawley manager)

            Scenario 2

Sam: welcome to my office please have a seat…

Brenda: thank you Sam…

Harold: yeah, yeah…what is so urgent…

Brenda: nkt!!!..... Harold has been violating protocol by hiring summer interns directly to his department….

Harold:….exactly…my department…

Brenda:… without requesting my department to hire the interns…that is undermining me and my staff….and for your information Harold, it is not your department your just the VICE-PRESIDENT….

Sam: please cut it you guys….

Harold: her department takes centuries to process and interview interns and MY DEPATMENT..tsk!...needed interns urgently… was recommended top students from oxford university….

Brenda: then why did you not inform me? If you claim they are top students….

Harold: BECAUSE I….

Sam: you need to relax.. we are not here to argue..

Harold: okay then… as I was saying..i had very little time to consult the human resource department because the students had been approached by Fitzgerald motors (their major competitor)

Brenda: then after hiring them why did you not send them to my department for processing?


Sam: yes, yes…they have only been here for three days and I forgot to send them to your department because I have been very busy supervising the creation of a new prototype….i just told them they are under probation period and they should report to HR

Brenda: then why haven’t they come to see me…

Harold: because they are very helpful part of the team creating the prototype…. Am sorry it seemed I ignored your authority.. it was a rush decision that had to be made and following protocol could have made me lose the interns…I will send them immediately to your department for processing and vetting and whoever does not fit the company requirements you are free to relieve off their duties

Brenda: okay then I will be waiting for them…tell them to come with all relevant documents… have a good day…

Sam: that wasn’t so hard…good day to you too.

October 24, 2023



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