12 million Black Voice by Richard Wright

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Effects of Negative Impacts on Individuals in a Specific Culture or Country

Richard Wright cites on page 123 of his novel, 12 Million Black Voices, that "Throughout the north, tensions mount... this is what life comes to when men's minds are snared in darkness and chaos." This quotation, in my opinion, illustrates the effects of negative impacts on individuals in a specific culture or country. Darkness and uncertainty are thought to cause friction in a culture. As a result, the quote attempts to convey how darkness and uncertainty create conflict within a society.

Regional Politics and Conflict

I'll use regional politics to help me expand on Richard's quote. Politics is one of the causes that can lead to conflict in an area. Corruption, nepotism, embezzlement, rigging of elections may result in mass pressure within a state. Such things will lead into conflicts because people will be divided. A group will support the effective government, and those who are against evil will not tolerate. Therefore, this will lead to civil war and people will kill themselves, steal from others, and damage properties, and this is the tension the author quoted.

Conflict Over Natural Resources

Some communities will fight over natural resources, for example, oil mining has caused wars in many countries. Because of the scarcity of natural resources, some communities go beyond their boundaries to extract oil that does not belong to them. The countrymen will not run away but will fight back for their resources, and as a result, people will die, and others migrate in fear of death.

Drug Use and Conflict

Use of drugs may cause conflicts among individuals. Alcohol or any drug substance alter the people's mind and mode of behavior, and this is one of the things that cause tension in the north. In the northern region, it seems to be lots of conflicts brought about by the power of darkness and confusion causing much tension.

December 15, 2022

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