4P's for Lamborghini URUS

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One of the newest vehicles in the global auto business is the Lamborghini URUS. It has special features, a special pricing, is marketed to a certain customer community, and is consistently making headlines in international news. This new SUV depends on a 4P market mix to provide it a competitive advantage in the cutthroat car sector.

The following 4P information will help Lamborghini URUS to enter the market.

Product: The car has a unique twin-turbo V8 that reduces carbon dioxide emissions while delivering more torque across the power band (Roach 51). This will conform to the global campaign on climate change and boost efficiency to the customer respectively. The car also has a hybrid plug-in that is unique to other cars and focus on improving comfort and efficiency to the user.

Price; Lamborghini Urus seeks market segments to gauge the level of demand and customize in future. Its estimated market price on arrival is between $150,000 and $200,000 which falls within the market range and will boost its sales (Car And Driver,n.d).

Promotion; Lamborghini URUS is already trending in mainstream media as the plans to roll it out is underway. It will be featured in Paris Motor Show, advertisement backed up by Jalopnik and Autoblog that are the leading automobile blogs will boost its promotion (Roach 34).

Place; The first production will be placed on show to members of the public by 2018. It will also be tested for high speed racing to gauge its capability and energy saving level (Molinari, Luca, and Raffaello 54).

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March 02, 2023


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