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257 views 7 pages ~ 1843 words
About Wal-Mart

On 2 July 1962, in Rodgers Ark, Sam Walton created the first Walmart store. At any time and anywhere Sam believed in the...

158 views 2 pages ~ 295 words
Strategy of Nike Pricing

Price is the marketing 4Ps and it is important to set the correct prices of products and services in every form of busin...

238 views 4 pages ~ 891 words
Pricing strategy of airline

The complexity of price policy in the airline industry is a phenomenon that distinguishes this market from other forms o...

269 views 6 pages ~ 1615 words
The drop box Freemium pricing strategy

Its container In a freemium pricing plan, a basic service is provided for free alongside a premium service; in this scen...

150 views 2 pages ~ 307 words
4P's for Lamborghini URUS

One of the newest vehicles in the global auto business is the Lamborghini URUS. It has special features, a special prici...

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