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The film A Beautiful Mind makes one think about life, about the ways and means people go to their goals. How much effort we spend on this and whether this is the goal to which we are striving so much. It shows that there are no situations in life that a person could not survive, especially with the support of his loving family, because the family is the main key to success. The movie soundly provides that this is the goal that one needs to strive for, because without it, all successes, whatever they may be, do not give complete happiness.
Analysis of the Film
A Beautiful Mind (2001) by Ron Howard was conceived as a biography of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Forbes Nash. A complete biography, however, did not work out, the screen story has actual errors and inconsistencies, but the overall outline is preserved. In 1947, budding mathematician John Nash arrived at Princeton University. All in himself, this strange student immediately finds a lot of problems: he does not communicate well with the environment, skips lectures, considering it a waste of time (Howard). And he devotes all his time to scientific research in the field of game theory, which (later) will turn this branch of mathematics upside down and bring him worldwide fame.
Soon, fate gives John a royal gift, Alicia, a girl in love with him and ready to become his wife. At first, she is not embarrassed by the strangeness of her lover, but years later, Alicia begins to doubt the correctness of her choice, Nash has schizophrenia. Tom Cruise could have played John Nash in this film, but Russell Crowe ended up playing this role, which perfectly conveys the emotions of a person who finds out that he is terminally ill. And the fact that many of those around him, whom he used to consider to be real people, turn out to be a figment of his imagination (Howard). Here panic, horror, and stubborn rejection of the truth, the nightmare of schizophrenia are all largely evident. The character of Nash in the film appears to realize the effects the disease has on his mind, however, the problem of schizophrenia relies on the lack of understanding what is real and what is not.
Jennifer Connelly is quite soulful in this role. It is sad to watch Alicia Nash tossing between love for her husband, fear for the child, and for the future well-being of the family. Along the way, a couple of real facts arise. In real life, Alicia, Nash’s wife (for a rather long period) nevertheless left Nash. However, out of pity, she allowed him to live in their house. And after watching A Beautiful Mind, impressed by what they saw on the screen, they got married again. But even this did not save the well-being of the family, for the son inherited his father's illness (“John F. Nash Jr.”). The director of the film, Ron Howard, managed to do an impressive job by humanizing the real-life characters and making them screen-friendly at the same time.
Despite the fact that the film claims to recreate the biography of John Nash, some details of the life of the great mathematician are deliberately omitted, however, these personal ups and downs of his biography do not particularly affect the plot:
John has been married several times;
He was bisexual in my youth;
In addition to a son with Alicia, Nash also had an illegitimate child.
The real John Nash actually received the Nobel Prize, not alone, but shared it with his colleagues, Reinhard Selten and Janos Harsanyi. Moreover, the founder of "The Theory of Games" (and these laurels in the film are attributed exclusively to Nash) was a completely different person, Janos Newman (Howard; “John F. Nash Jr.”). Nash distinguished himself solely by the fact that he was able to apply the provisions of his theory in the business world.
The story in the film begins in the late 50s, the main character at that time is a student at Princeton, he has amazing mathematical abilities, they only improve over time. But one fine day it turns out that some people with whom our genius lived and communicated next to exist only in his imagination, this is schizophrenia. Over time, the disease develops and takes on more dangerous forms, now it is a deadly threat even for the closest people. There are several difficult scenes in the film that make you shudder, evoke an emotional response, it is impossible to look at it indifferently. It is surprising that the life of a completely real person is based on, that a genius and a madman coexist in one person, this is exactly what the main character was like.

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