A Case Study of Red Carpet

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Red Carpet's Restructuring and Change Process

Red Carpet is a national hospitality and entertainment facility that has been in existence for some time and advanced its service delivery over a while. It has, however, become apparent that there is a need to create a new division within the company which will mean that changes will be instituted in major sections involved. The acquisition of the new division will mean that a movie theater company will be integrated into the organizational structure and firm framework. The restructuring of the other sections of the Red Carpet will thus mean that following the implementation, all the operation will be streamlined to ensure there are efficacy and efficiency in service delivery.

Transformational Type of Change

The appropriate change process that would be applicable and relevant to the context of the company would be the transformational type. The use of transformation form of leadership involves multifaceted ways of instituting a transformation in the institution, and there has been no well-defined description of the change process. It will thus mean that a wide range of approaches will have to be considered in the change undertaking. The primary reason for the recommendation is that transformation change is associated with a holistic process where power is defined in an equal manner based on the balance of what the heart and the mind desires. It will thus mean that the Human Resource will be required to operate with the interest of the workers at hand and ensure that the new block is integrated well into the overall company. It is also preferred that a transformational type of change is identified for Red Carpet because it will accentuate the positive aspects of the firm. The preference for the choice is based on the fact that transformational change is often associated with positive vision while focusing on what is intended to be created. It will thus mean that the restructuring process involved in the setting up of a new division will promote positive energy among the employees which will further guarantee progress (Gass, 2010).

Impact on Stakeholders

A critical function of the implementation of change is that there are parties that will be affected more by others. The stakeholders who will be involved in the institution of the change will be the current employees who are likely to reassigned to other position as the restructuring takes on them. It is likely to affect how they perceive the work process because there is a chance that some will be relocated to other areas that they are not skilled. The others whose services may no longer be required will be released from the system because the goal of the change is to improve service delivery. Thus, the challenge is likely to have adverse effects on those whose services may no longer be considered worthy of the success of the firm. The other stakeholders that are likely to be affected by the change will be the local community who are likely to get services that are cheaper. The improvement of the entertainment process is intended to ensure that the clients get not just quality services but they obtain the improved output while incurring the lowest possible expenses (McKinsey & Company, 2018). The community within which the facility has been instituted is thus likely to be affected positively by the improved services delivery.

Implementation of Transformational Change

The initial activities in the implementation of a change process that is transformational in nature is the process of encouraging the leaders to be the agents of change upon whom other employees will model. The senior leaders will be the first to be contacted to be reminded of the unique role they play in the change journey. The leadership will thus ensure that the transformation is made in a personal and motivating manner. The following step in the execution of the change would be the delivery of the perspectives that are intruded for the new division in the entertainment facility. It is crucial that performance is strengthened in the implementation of the improved initiatives while building on the capabilities of the different employees. The team leader can design a working plan that will be composed of particular people who are influential in varying capacities in their areas of operation (McKinsey & Company, 2018). Overall, the beginning process will involve engaging the leaders on their role while ensuring that the team leaders are involved directly in the implementation because the other team members often look upon them.


In summary, Red Carpet would require the use of the transformational type of leadership in the improvement of the activities within the new division that is created and the overall improvement of service delivery. The stakeholders who will be affected will be the employees and the customers who are likely to feel the impact in varied mechanisms. The core process in the implementation will be alerting the senior employees with leadership ability of the role that they need to play. In the end, it is mandatory that the implementation is carried out led by the leaders to ensure that the implementation process is done smoothly.


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October 30, 2023

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