A Case Study on Petrou

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Training Areas for Petrou

From the case study, it is evident that while Petrou is sufficiently competent in his duties and responsibilities, he is not employing effective leadership in his work, an aspect that somewhat limits him from realizing his full potential in his undertakings. This shortcoming is indicated by his relations with other employees as well as the appraisal stated by Keller. From this evaluation, what can be done is training Petrou in three core areas namely personal skills, teamwork and corporate skills. Halvorson (2015), recommends that the provision of leadership skills to managers enables them to develop practical personal skills, improved cooperation and collaboration and also appropriate corporate skills through efficient management, motivation, and proper communication. Petrou, who has weaknesses in the areas of communication, close interactions with employees, clients and suppliers as well as lack of hands-on approach in problem resolution, additional training in these three critical areas is essential for improved handling of the sales and distributors.

Training Philosophy for Petrou

The underlying philosophy behind Petrou's training is embedded in consideration of his qualities as a manager coupled with the provision of the opportunity to develop these qualities. As such, the training will involve the creation of a learning culture where Petrou will obtain insight concerning the value of new approaches techniques as well as new methods of dealing with challenges. Secondly, time management as a critical component of the training is essential especially through delegation of duties and goal setting. Petrou who has difficulty in managing time will, therefore, gain skills in time management principles. Additionally, developing Petrou's leadership practices by enhancing communication skills, teamwork and positive interactions will go a long way in promoting his overall performance. These training can take place on the job with the provision of the opportunity to practice the gained skills on allocated duties (Basu, 2012). In this way, Petrou can evaluate his weaknesses and work on them continuously while assessing his progress regarding interaction and relationship with employees, clients and distributors as well as his overall performance.


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Halvorson, C. (2015, May 19). How To Train Your Employees To Become Managers. Retrieved from When I work: https://wheniwork.com/blog/how-to-train-your-employees-to-become-managers/

January 19, 2024


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