A Comparative Study of Baroque and Rock Concerts

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Music in People's Lives

Music plays an integral role in people's lives which may be described as a form of art which uses sound as its medium. Notably, the baroque era was one of the richest and most diverse periods in the history of music which significantly expanded people's horizons (Hennion 2).

Pop Music and Baroque Concerts

Pop music is a popular genre which mostly appeals to the young generation which constitutes verses and repeated choruses. In this paper, the concerts compared include an excerpt by a famous rock group, A Perfect Circle, and a Baroque concert performed by Vivaldi's Concerto in A Minor for Two Violins.

Differences in Style

Despite the two concerts being openly different in terms of style, it is appealing to observe the crowds they attract and musical genre particularly due to the notable distinctions. In the rock concert, some remarkable traits include the fact that the group is exceptionally artistic lyrically besides the voice of the lead singer being idiosyncratic. Owing to these qualities, the crowd in attendance has an untamed and energetic spirit. However, this might not be convenient for everyone which is the reason modern technologies are beneficial in the contemporary world. A person can easily experience the music from the comfort of their home through downloading the music or listening directly from iTunes and YouTube. Due to how a person can easily access this music, people have widened their experience, and now everyone can enjoy it, whether rich or poor.

Rock Concert Atmosphere

Even though there is something unique in sitting in a cathedral and listening live to an orchestra, the widespread use of technology has enabled people to gain extensive knowledge about the various styles of music. A rock concert usually has to be held in a large arena which can accommodate more than ten thousand people (Klöckner 214), like the crowd in this particular recording. Another remarkable quality observed is that the stage is quite dark making it almost impossible to make out the performers. There is a glow of colorful lights which twist and turn irregularly. Ideally, the concert is interactive which may be proven by the way in which the crowd is singing along with the group. Additionally, the fans have emulated the stereotypical "rocker" way of dressing, including the hairstyles. Most young people who attend these concerts in the modern era are attracted to the active wild environment.

Baroque Concert Experience

On the other hand, the Baroque concerts mostly comprised adults to senior age individuals. The musical elements in this concert are also quite complex, and qualities like pitch, rhythm, and dynamics are highly regarded (Cyr 21). When listening to the chosen show, it is enjoyable as it evokes feelings of peace, which may be because it occurs in an environment of the grand church. While the aspect of entertainment is vital in increasing the people's interest in the music, the concert solely focuses on the melodic tones which emanate from the orchestra and violins. Again, there are no crazy light shows or media effects which supposedly entertain the crowd. In contrast, the captivating factor is the nature of the violins and natural acoustics of the building which depict the objective of this concert and its attendees.

Differences in Music and Instrumentation

The music in both concerts differs by the nature of sound especially owing to the focus on the melody showcased by the violins. In the rock concert, there are guitar solos who primarily focus on the lyrics sang by the lead singer. However, the melody was not observed as in the Baroque concert. Also, the instrumentation is unique for each concert. A Perfect Circle's show comprised a vocal instrumentation form coupled with electronic instruments including guitars and drums. But the Baroque concert depends on violins partnered with an orchestra.

Common Features

Despite there being numerous differences, there are also remarkable similarities. To enumerate, both maintain a specific melody which is unique for the audiences. Again, both make use of instruments to enhance the experience which relates to the genre. The concerts were entertaining in their capacities, and anyone who is interested in music would find both compelling.


In conclusion, regardless of the differences in style for both concerts, they are all enjoyable, and the creativity of the composers and musicians is apparent. The role of concerts has changed tremendously over time as people have modernized music. The spirit in both shows forms the basis of the differences. In the rock concert, the fans were interested in being entertained by engaging with the musicians. However, the Baroque concert features a formal audience, and the music initiates feelings of prestige, education, and peace.


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October 05, 2023


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