A Continuous Improvement Process

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A continuous improvement process is a long-term approach where one aims at achieving small changes over time. The process involves identifying an opportunity that can help develop an optimum solution on some plan. Reflecting on my life and daily schedules, last month I made a plan of how I would utilize my time from morning until bedtime. On waking up, the day would start with an exercise for thirty minutes before getting ready for school. With the most significant part of the day spent on classwork and daily life activities, I would spend the evening reading at least one chapter of my favorite books. The rest of the evening would be spent with family before going to sleep.  The primary goals are to ensure I spare some time for exercise and reading.


Saving time- with a scheduled plan of the daily activities there is no time lost on unnecessary operations.

Minimized energy loss- the plan for school and essential activities have helped reduce the wastage of energy on activities that do not matter.

Satisfaction- recently I am more comfortable with the way life flows in that I am no longer out of place at a particular time.

Commitment- waking up on time and working on all activities has brought about doing a good job. The processes reduce the rate of movement.

Capability to solve problems- when issues arise I can comfortably solve them by cutting down some repetitive activities. There is a reduction in the instances of over-working.

Enhanced relationships- spending time with family is vital. There are fewer conflicts and disagreements among the family members on spending time together.

Increased knowledge- reading one chapter every day enhances better reading skills and improves understanding.

Arrival on time- I have managed to attend classes on time without lateness. The waiting process is reduced where I do not have to wait for long before classes start.

Body fitness- the exercising program is essential for personal health. Excessive weight is reduced.

Self-management- enhanced the ability to perform well in class and other activities. Extra life budgets are cut down especially on less beneficial activities.

On further improvement, I plan on joining teams to help participate more in the exercise procedure as well as the reading techniques. Grouping encourages participation where every member is expected to contribute positively.

Work cited

Yoshikawa, Takeo, & Reza Kouhy. "Continuous improvement and Kaizen costing." The Routledge Companion to Cost Management (2013): 96.

November 13, 2023

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