A Drawing of the Father’s Room

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The Father's Writing Room

I sketched the square, wooden-floored room where my father used to write his poetry volumes. He kept a variety of books on his large desk table, which he used as a desk. The father is a disciplined and respectable man, and he usually had food and tea by his side while working, thus the place was always tidy. I made an effort to demonstrate how the room was tidy and well-lit given that it was upstairs and had a somewhat lengthy stairway, as well as how he always left the curtain open to use the sun's natural light and conserve electricity. He loved his vast library together with the surrounding plants and flowers, and in most instances, on the wooden table was a follower who made sure that everyone had permission before touching the books. Moreover, it was of great importance for him to us placing the books back to their exact locations after using. Today the room is very different as the family moved to another house, but the father still has his wooden table and the library and also still writes the poetry books.

The Ground Floor Room at Tindol House

The interest was in the ground floor room of the Tindol house that had a fireplace. It was small and had four doors that connected it to the other rooms and the other floor. I chose the place because of the warm and cosy feeling it had and the beautiful and exciting view of the light we could have from the fireplace. Also, the room had doors that had two corridors on the same direction as the back door which when left open; we could have a fantastic and peaceful viewing of nature from the back of the building when seated even in the mini room. The client is a gentleman named John who is working with the Weald and Download Museum.

Designing for the Homeless

I chose the homeless people for a customer because, in London, one of the biggest problems is homelessness. From the research, most people become homeless after losing their jobs or losing hope in life because of something sad or bad happened to them, and some also become homeless as they can't find employment just in a few months after losing it. Some points are really of importance to the homeless as they can bring a change in their lives and also assist them in finding themselves. I worked for the homeless for more than a year and knew that the first important thing for them is a place to live; the second is to have a job. That is why their design of a house for the living is large and with many rooms in which about ten to twelve people can stay. Also as well is the coffee shop; they can run the business and spend the money they get on themselves and also learn how to manage finances. The reason for choosing the cafeteria is that it is one of the traditional jobs that can allow for much communication with the public and the residents of the area. Through that, they can regain the once' lost confidence, and they can also see how managing the business is important and that the public accepts them. Moreover, I produce designs for my client John.

March 17, 2023

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