A Film Analysis

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There is a distinction between someone who watches a movie in a theater and someone who does so at home. Here is a description of my theatergoing experience.

I once watched a movie at "The Theatre at Ace" in Los Angeles, California. The theater was really incredible, and it was at night. It briefly felt like noon; the only difference I could discern was that I was a little worn out. I was with three of my classmates when we were surprised by the size of the theater's audience. The room was crowded!

There were many sections where spectators sat. We decided to sit in the farthest corner to avoid interruptions if any. Here, we met a movie director, Sir. Johns as he was called, who proposed a movie titled "The Wonder Woman." At the onset, he decided not to reveal the genre of the movie perhaps that was meant to inspire our curiosity and attention when watching.

Just five minutes later, I realized this was an action movie. Fully set to enjoy the film, I imagined whether or not the film was a literal Hollywood. The answer was and is a resounding yes. The film features a lady, Diana, whose accent and wordings resonates fully with the Hollywood culture.

The audience was amazing. The audience had in it an element of mixed reactions which brought about a whole new experience for me. As compared to watching from home, the audience made the film very interesting. I fact, the film did not have much choreography (dancing) since no one would dance during a war (Pine, B. J., & Gilmore, J. H. 1999). Interestingly, the few scenes which allowed dancing to the soothing music saw some part of the audience rise to dance, softly (Bennett, S. 2013). This was amazingly nice. The big screens were positioned at a high place hence nobody could destruct the rest with their dance.

Wonder Woman as a film became so much interesting in the theater than it would have been at home. The sound system at the theater provided enough and balanced sound which made the whole experience awesome. The system provided a clear pitch for the movie which allowed us to articulately listen and get all the words in the movie which then allowed me to follow the plot with ease.

The theater management was so sensitive to the audience that they did not exaggerate the smell at the theater. Well, there was a pleasant soft perfume at the place which provided a very conducive atmosphere for relaxing. The chairs were also very comfortable and allowed one to sit in almost any position. I could see how attentive the audience was during tricky moments for instance when the pilot was so weak after an accident and the audience, I think, imagined he would die. Most people sat at the edge of their comfortable chairs. One lady on my far right shade tears. This was such a unique experience for me.


However, I felt a little distracted by the large audience because it was my first time and I wanted to see just how they felt about the movie. Overall, I would prefer theater to home viewing.


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Pine, B. J., & Gilmore, J. H. (1999). The experience economy: work is theater & every business a stage. Harvard Business Press.

April 06, 2023

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