A Formal Social Structure

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Individuals in my community enjoy a great deal of freedom when it comes to making judgments about different facets of society, including education and religion. In contrast to India, where the caste system prevents status mobility, people are socially free (Scott 2017). However, this freedom is rarely abused and misapplied in most communities. People are treated differently depending on their vehicle, type of residence, amount of money in their bank account, and social standing (Fiske & Hancock 2016). There is much inequality regarding the financial and economic status that I do experience both at my workplace and in my neighborhood. I live in the middle-level structured flats neighborhood, where access to a house is determined by your skin color and religious affiliation.

The people in the area are so snobby such that they are not amused when their neighbors plan for their social gatherings. They feel irritated by the kind of fleet of cars which park in the neighborhood. When you are living in a suburb, and you do not own a vehicle, you are considered a ghetto fellow. The people rarely acknowledge one’s positive energy in empowering jobless youth with job opportunities. In the workplace, the co-workers are always obsessed with one's performance and always feel threatened when the academic credentials are satisfying than theirs. The effort of a worker is understood on the grounds of promotion favors and not job obligation. These social misgivings are therefore a wakeup call to Christians to brace themselves for a spiritual war in cleansing the evils of hatred, jealousy, and inequalities in the society. This is also a challenge for the Christians to reassure the community that the world is a universal place for everyone to enjoy and live comfortably.


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Scott, J. (2017). Social structure. Concepts in Action: Conceptual Constructionism, 153.

March 23, 2023

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