Muskingum County as a Vulnerable Community for Influenza Outbreaks

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The most prevalent health problem in my community is influenza that affects a large part of the population and it is traceable to the high rate of hospitalization that is associated with flu complications. The administration of vaccination to children within the range of three years and above will prevent flu-related complications that become a financial burden to the family. The purpose of this paper is to identify a diagnosis of the vulnerability of the Muskingum County in Ohio to influenza outbreaks and the role of nursing in addressing this community health problem.

Problem Analysis

The impact of the influenza outbreaks in Muskingum County cannot be underestimated because of the high rates of poverty in the area. Furthermore, the challenge of accessing healthcare in the county and other necessities such as healthy food has led to an upsurge of the mortality rates. The best way to address this seasonal health problem is by vaccinating the population to prevent the spread of influenza. Other aspects of prevention that have been highlighted by the health professions in Ohio relates to coughing hygiene because influenza is caused by a virus (Diem & Moyer, 2015). The incubation period for flu is between one and four days. Milo`s framework on prevention gives credence to the argument that in most cases outbreaks of flu in Muskingum County is due to the social situation and reluctance by the policymakers to implement programs that caution the community against disease pandemics.

Comparing the Problem

 Health insurance in Muskingum County has low coverage as a result of high unemployment rates. The focus through community health initiatives as part of intervention programs is important because a considerable part of the population in the county is not financially stable (Lynfield et al., 2014). The overarching goals that are instituted in Healthy People 2020 priority goals. In line with this vision by the federal government, there should be an actualization of this goal by ensuring that Muskingum County threats to community health are prevented as flu outbreak is common in this county in Ohio.


The long-term goal with regard to Muskingum County community health is exterminating the seasonal flu which vaccination has not eliminated as part of the nursing intervention in the area. The most appropriate solution should focus on prevention through community campaigns on how to deal with flu before it becomes a pandemic (Jhung et al., 2013). However, the long-term goal of treatment is a responsibility of the medics to do research to develop treatment procedures that will be successful in healing the patients.

The short-term solution to the influenza outbreaks Muskingum County include preventive measures that will control of the spread of the disease in the community through mass awareness on avoiding mass gathering, voluntary quarantine and closing public facilities until the outbreak is controlled. Another solution is the intensification of vaccination interventions to all the people that are qualified in preparedness for possible outbreaks in the future.

Medical professionals have a crucial role to play in helping the vulnerable communities to be alert health-wise and to exploit the available resources for better health outcomes. Muskingum County has a large population that is not covered by health insurance and this is because they have few opportunities to improve their economic condition hence outbreaks such as influenza are not an immediate concern to them (Friis & Sellers, 2013). The intervention by Zanesville Muskingum County Health Dept should be based on the resources that are available in the community and the personal capability of individuals that face flu as a constant health problem.


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October 13, 2023

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