A Girl Walks Home at Night

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Ana Lily Amirpour's A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night: Breaking Stereotypes of Women

Ana Lily Amirpour's horror movie, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is a film that breaks the stereotypes of women with its scene-setting reflecting on a MiddleEast country where the role of women in the society is still under the compromise. Shot to reflect a scene in Iran, the producer aims to overturn things in support of feminist ideology and implies that the hunter can once become a prey. Amirpour ensures that the film rolls on the memory of the audience through a veiled vampire, The Girl known as Sheila Vand who rides in the streets of fictitious Bad City while preying on men who objectify women. The first Iron appears from the perception build by the title, where due to stereotype created by other movies like Dracula, the audience expects that the girl walking home at night will be hurt. However, it turns out that the lead character is a girl and a vampire who men should fear and those who walk at night are at risk of her harm.

Irony Scenes in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night: Challenging Expectations

Most of the irony scenes in the movie where the female character overturns event make the film entertaining. One scene which stands out is when the Sheila Vand meets Arash (46:30 - 48:08). Arash is wearing a costume of Dracula, and the expectation is that Vand will be terrified and freeze making her a prey. He even pretends to be lost and introduces himself as a Dracula to the strange woman he meets adding that he will not hurt Sheila. It is funny that Arash thinks that he would take charge of the next operation. However, if only he could know that he was making an actual vampire and was risking his life. Sheila uses her skateboard to take Arash to her apartment after the encounter with the producer revealing how women can take control of the society.

Work cited

Amirpour, Ana Lily, et al. A girl walks home alone at night. Société nouvelle de distribution [éd.], 2015.

September 25, 2023




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