A Little Different

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Everything seemed hard when I was still a young child, but now I know that I did not have to panic nor be a little weird. I wish I knew that there are millions of people in the world and that being a little different was not such a big issue.

            My choice of this narrative is because it is something that has affected many other people and me. I keep on reflecting on how when I was a toddler; I could do whatever I felt inclined to. Despite other people’s suggestion, my free-spirited nature made me do things the way I wanted. It is probably the reason why I learned most of the things in my life like walking and playing. I was creative and made my parents feel proud numerous times as they watched me mimic building structures by use of mud. However, as I grew, I started becoming more sensitive about what people thought of my actions. I became more conscious and protected the emotions of the people around me, without caring about mine. I had a dull personality and did not have friends I would spend time with. I got bullied but did not report this to my teacher as I was afraid to see people suffer. People thought I was okay, but deep down my heart was aching. I wished I could tell myself that my happiness was the most important thing and that I did not have to suffer at the expense of other people’s happiness. It is my wish that I did not let the bullying and suffering to bring me down.

            The narrative is mostly intended to inform young children and teenagers, parents, and teenagers about the impact of making young ones to feel down. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to encourage children to feel confident about their potential and abilities. In my case, my parents noticed my moody personality but did not spend enough time helping me to grow more confident. The teachers assumed that it was a problem with my bringing up and friends concluded this behavior as my personality. I wish there had been people to challenge me to face my fears and overcome them.

            My narrative is intended to make the audience sympathize with other children undergoing the same problem. The aim is to motivate young readers to overcome anxiety and lack of confidence. Every person should utilize their positions to reach out for these kids. Teachers should discourage the students from taking advantage people’s kind personality by making them sacrifice their happiness for selfish gains.

            At a particular point in my life, I took the blame of a group of purported friends after they had beaten up a girl from our class. The girl kept on insisting that she had seen a whole group, but since I had already admitted, the teachers punished me solely. My parents were summoned, and I almost got kicked out of school.

            There is a lot of information and stories that I can recall from my past, and while I may want to include all the details in this narrative, it is also critical to ensure I remain objective. To ensure that I include only the essential information, I will create an outline before writing this paper and ensure that I stick to it.

August 21, 2023

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