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A Personal statement, I am a Falcon

Although I never was the biggest or the toughest of my rivals, I was still one of the best in the world. Although a few of my colleagues suggested I've always been fortunate, I've always preferred to think of myself as a falcon. I've always found myself like the Falcons to see from afar what I want and to be able to get it before someone else gets it.My choice of joining the martial art class and my winning in most of the matches I have played prove how much I see far and make decisions early enough to take advantage of chances that are at times further than most of my peers can see. In my marches, when I enter the ring, I start by studying my opponents. Before they understand me and take advantage of my weaknesses to beat me, I usually use the first few minutes of the march to understand the opponents’ techniques and weaknesses. Realizing the vulnerability enables me to strike fast and beat the competitors before they learn about my style and take advantage of my weaknesses. I have learnt over time that the technique has enabled me to remain at the top of the game regardless of the fact that other players are stronger than me and therefore more lethal. My ability to see far and my speed of responding to what I see allows me to remain among the most prominent challengers in karate.

I intend to apply my ability to see far and learn what lies in the future to pass my academic exam. Understanding what a course will involve will allow me to study early and remain ready at all times.

July 24, 2021

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