A person's social environment

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The Impact of Social Context on Parenting

The social surroundings of a person, as well as social ties with other people within a community, have substantial effects on the quality of parenting, which in turn affects the child's future achievements. Inclusive social contexts that provide various forms of assistance to parents have been shown to improve their capacity for caring for their children, which in turn supports the child's future health and development.

The Role of Community Resources

A person's physical, social, economic, and personal activities are all influenced by their society in various ways. According to the article 'Parenting, the Social Environment, and its Effects on Child Development' by Virtual Medical Center, one of the primary ways that a community influences a child's future development is through the allocation of accessible community resources (www.myvmc.com). The community resources involve the political governance of the community as well as the organizational knowledge and support from the community. When a community has limited access to resources, children will have minimum access to early intervention programs like school which means that most of them will grow without the basic requirements.

The Impact of Impoverished Environments

Additionally, the article maintains that children within impoverished environments are at high risks for challenging behavior problems in future as they are mainly living in neighborhoods with limited positive role models required for appropriate social behaviors. The article also maintains that a certain community's influence leads to different role expectations as children develop into adults (www.myvmc.com). For example, if a child is raised in a community where the only adults making a decent living are doing so from illegal activities, the children will assume the same role as the adults as they will be exposed to community violence and illegal activities. It is therefore clear that a community's social environment highly influences the future success or failure of a child as well as different decisions that they make in future.


Parenting, the Social Environment and its Effects on Child Development. (2014, April 07). Retrieved August 22, 2017, from https://www.myvmc.com/lifestyle/paenting-the-social-environment-and -its-effects-on-child-development/

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