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I got your emails and voice messages in which you expressed your dissatisfaction with the newly shipped custom automated filling unit. I am aware that Liquid Packaging Solutions Inc. did, in fact, supply the automated filling system to Nutrisoft LLC. Thank you for using your complaint to express your concerns. Because of the quality of our highly personalized offerings, LPS puts a high priority on our clients. We take complete responsibility for ensuring that our customers are happy with our goods and services, and we always respond to any concerns that are raised. I do understand the machine delivered to Nutrisoft LLC was a specialized machine that utilizes custom software which integrates the filling machine top the overall production and packaging systems. According to your account of the problem, you believe that the system was overfilling about 10 percent of the total bottles hence causing spillage and wastage. I deduce from one of your emails that you have been forced to stop the production process which may result in almost 25,000 dollars loses per day. Indeed, I recognize the concerns on not only revenues but the quality of goods associated with the current malfunctioning. I now take the following steps to respond to your concerns hopefully to your satisfaction.

I have already taken action to inquire into the possible causes of the malfunctioning from the software engineer who worked on the project. According to her, the project was slightly challenging since it required her team to rewrite standard control software in efforts to align the machine with Nutrisoft existing systems. It is important to mention, for all the years she has worked with this company there has been no adverse issues related to the quality of work. Her team is efficient and values quality above everything else in coding. Indeed, she offered to review the code in case of any details that she together with her team had missed before. Moreover, our technicians assure me that the system functioned exceptionally during its trial stage and the current issues may be related to specific failures that are not entirely related to the coding. Since the engineers assure me of the efficient functioning of the system, I believe that the malfunctioning is related to a failure of a particular code. However, I must confess the necessity of further investigations to account for the issue.

Indeed we recognize ours after sale responsibility that requires us to continue offering services and support including replacement of spare parts. I intend to get to the root of the issue through making the inquiry in our technicians and software technicians. We will require a full report on the functionality of the system since its installment and necessary information on when the overfilling got noticed. Currently, am waiting on the report from the software engineer that worked on the project. We request that you showcase patience to provide our technicians the necessary resources to manage the malfunctioning. On the establishment of the reason of the dysfunction, our technicians will require a few days to make the needed modifications.

Thank you for keeping in touch with us and raising your anxieties about the issue. It is our sincere apology for the inconveniences related to the event. We will try our best to ensure the necessary modifications to the machine within the shortest period possible.

Yours truly

December 08, 2022

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