A Procurement Process

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The HIM Department believes that acquisition of products and services must be done in an open and aggressive condition to guarantee that prices paid are reasonable and sensible. The procurement exercises incorporate commitments for legitimate transaction documentation, financial obligation, ethics, and observation of state, federal and local regulation and compliance with Kodak laws and policies. Besides, the procurement policy states that the procurement department has the authority to negotiate and sign agreements (Matthews 388-399). Hence, it is the responsibility of the department to uphold ethics, the specification of performance issues, perform a diligent review, contact the supplier, change or extend a procurement.

            Care must be taken to maintain a strategic distance from the intent of any unethical practice in the communications, relationships or conflicts of interests. In turn, all the materials to be procured should benefit the entire industry. Therefore, the transaction must be in consistent with the models given by the government, state and local regulatory laws. For instance, the procurement procedure will be done in accordance with U.S. Office of Management and Budget (Matthews 388-399).

Procurement Process

            The procurement process will be done by the HIM department using strategic procurement process and the data analysis by the team. A need for the product was established and a budget prepared. A specific need was also identified in the budget. For example, the allocated 60k will be used to purchase the scanner and other capital purchases including any additional material to support the workflow of HIM. Following the allocated funds and identified specific need, the department shall determine where to obtain the product. In this case, the scanner will be obtained from Kodak. Consequently, the procurement process will be made as per the terms and prices, however, in this particular process, ethics will a major role for competitive bidding among other requirements. Then, the purchase order will be processed where terms, prices, and specifications will be defined and signed by the buyer and the supplier. After the items are the purchase, the delivery of the items follows according to the rules set during the purchase. The delivery may be made by the supplier or the buyer can organize for shipment. After delivery, the receipt of the items will be acknowledged and each party keeps records of the same. In case of delays, the parties will agree on the delivery date. Therefore, after delivery, the receipt and inspection of the order will be done following the terms. Lastly, an invoice and approval of payment shall be made if the product meets the stated functionalities.

Procurement Outline

            In the access to a need and opportunity, the scanner and other items will be assessed on the basis of priority. A checklist will be used to identify the most important items as outlined in the budget. Also, costs associated with the items will be done on this stage.  

A supply chain will be assessed using the competitive bid strategy to define the suppliers, the process opportunities, and the current process used in the market. The suppliers will also be reviewed based on the products.

            The supply market will also be evaluated to determine the potential sources of suppliers and their competitors so that the best quality products will be sources at the least prices (Georghiou et al 1-12). After identifying the market, a sourcing strategy will be developed by the procurement team who shall define the scope and determine the enhancement process where factors such as sustainability and reliability will be a matter.

            The best-developed sourcing strategy will be implemented where the supplier will be contacted for negotiations and define the onset of a contract. This implementation will be on the analysis of bidding, and sustainability attributes (Georghiou et al 1-12). The procurement process will be finalized by institutionalizing the strategy where a relationship with the identified supplier will be made; an evaluation that considers product functionality, factors, compliance, ethical issues, and reliability.

Works Cited

Georghiou, Luke, et al. "Policy instruments for public procurement of innovation: Choice, design            and assessment." Technological Forecasting and Social Change 86 (2014): 1-12.

Matthews, Darin. "Strategic procurement in the public sector: A mask for financial and             administrative policy." Journal of Public Procurement 5.3 (2005): 388-399.

October 30, 2023

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