A Project Management Plan for a Retail Store in Quebec City

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Terrapin Construction Supply, Inc. (TSC) is looking forward to opening its first international retail store in Quebec City, Canada, within the next 10 months. Up to now, the operations of TSC have only been limited to the United States. The limited international exposure has made TSC contend with fierce competition from other retailers in the home improvement and building supply market. The competition has been from retailers in the same industry such as Lowe’s, Ace, True Value, and Home Depot operating in the US market. The project aims at averting this situation. The role of the project team is, therefore, to execute the construction, putting in place the necessary human resources, stocking up the store and ensuring that it is running within a 10-month period.


1. To establish a fully operational store in Quebec City within a period of 10 months.

2. To come up with the design plan for the retail store and execute the construction process.

3. To obtain regulatory approvals and ensure that the entire project complies with the provisions of Canadian Law.

4. To put up the necessary fixtures and fittings as well as other interior finishes required for a retail store.

5. To conduct a hiring and recruitment process that will bring together a competent team of staff that will run the retail store.

6. To oversee the procurement of inventory when initially stocking up the store in preparation for the grand opening.


The project covers all activities beginning with the preliminary operations for the construction up to the time the store begins operations. The project team will oversee the activities at all stages including overseeing the construction exercise, structural work, and the interior finishes. Apart from the building itself, the construction also covers the parking and other open areas.

Upon completion of the construction process, the project team will ensure that all resources required to run a retail store have been procured. These include inventory, human resources, management information systems, among others. The team is also in charge of ensuring the company meets all compliance requirements with governments from both countries.

The project does not cover land acquisition since TSC already secured the land for the intended project.

Key Stakeholders


Terrapin International Supply, Inc.


Latoya Green

Project Manager


Project Team Members




Project Milestones

1. The preparation of a project management plan that will act as a guide for all the processes and tasks for the project team. The document will be ready in three weeks’ time.

2. The completion of the design and blueprints for the building within a month’s time.

3. Obtaining all relevant approvals and meeting all regulatory and compliance needs is to be accomplished within five weeks.

4. The ground-breaking ceremony to usher in the construction process within 6 weeks.

5. The structural works for the building are expected to be completed within five months.

6. The completion of the actual building is expected to be accomplished within seven months.

7. Fixtures, fittings and interior finishes are to be completed within eight months.

8. The completion of the hiring and recruitment of staff exercise is expected in the ninth month.

9. Stocking up of the store and installation of information technology systems is expected to be completed after nine months.

10. The opening ceremony for the retail store on the actual date set in the tenth month.

Project Budget

The average construction cost in the Canadian commercial real estate industry is approximately US $300 per square foot (Meredith, Shafer, Mantel & Sutton, 2016). For the intended 100,000 sq ft retail store, the estimated construction cost will be US $30 million. The cost of stocking up the store is approximately US $5 million. Other miscellaneous costs and administrative expenses are expected to be US $2 million.

The total project budget is therefore expected to be US $ 37 million.

Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, and Dependencies


There is a likelihood that the project may encounter financial challenges along the way leading to failed deadlines.

Lack of commitment by the external stakeholders involved in the project such as suppliers of building materials leading to delays and poor work quality.

Delays in obtaining the relevant approvals and authorization with Canadian agencies responsible for overseeing construction projects.


The current legal and regulatory environment between the US and Canada will remain stable.

The exchange rate between the Canadian Dollar and the US Dollar will remain stable without material fluctuations.

The labor laws and regulations in Canada will remain stable and labor will remain affordable for TSC.

Risks & Dependencies

There is a risk of natural disasters affecting and derailing the course of the project.

The inflation of the current project cost brought about by unforeseeable events in the economic environment.

Likelihood of industrial action by workers leading to delays in project executions.

Approved By:

_____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Project Manager


Meredith, J. R., Shafer, S. M., Mantel Jr, S. J., & Sutton, M. M. (2016). Project management in practice. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Global Education.

January 19, 2024

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