A pure concept of the understanding

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A pure understanding concept- original knowledge of a thing before it has been used to discover about it.

Ancestral ideas are knowledge about the origin of an organism or an object that does not apply to creatures capable of horizontal gene transfer.

Derivative notions are used to explain how an answer is arrived at. In one case, for example, there is evidence supplied and witnesses who establish a road to a conclusion.

Category- it is the classification of items or persons based on their common traits. Synthesis- it is the composition of different ideas to come up with a complete theory.

Deduction- the act of subtracting something from the total

Objective validity- it is a required though not fulfilling the condition for truth.

Imagination- the act of being creative, the mind having the ability to form new ideas or concepts of anything though they are not real. Some of the imaginations may come to be such as technological, where a person thinks of the improvements that can be added to something and it then happens later.

Transcendental apperception- it is what that makes experience possible. It is considered the meeting point of the world and self. Coherent consciousness is united and built with the inner experiences which differ in topic and time through belonging to self-consciousness.

Judgment-also discernment and it is the making of decisions or coming to a conclusion after a careful examination of a situation. Evidence has to be presented or research concerning the situation at hand before making the judgment. A good judgment has to be informed.

June 12, 2023

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