Cragan and Shields’ reading

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According to Cragan and Shields' view

People have a narrative logic that they frequently utilize to assess communication. It means that humans are capable of evaluating tales in order to determine the truth, reality, and knowledge. When people hear information in the form of a tale, they go through the process of decoding the words in order to fully absorb the material. After understanding the plain meaning, it is at this time that people take time to look into the essential core of the stories in order to dissect it in terms of the source and the conformance with the known norms and truths. The narrative logic is adjusted to the previous assertion that human beings are the storytellers. It is the truth because it is after telling the stories that they become engaged in the process of assessing the communicated information to determine its accuracy.

The evaluation of the truth through stories

The evaluation of the truth that is told through the stories is an actual thing that I come across every. I spend time evaluating the unfolding of events as told in the story and calculate the logic behind the content that was delivered. Detecting the truth is usually possible through comparing the piece of information and its eventual materialization. The fictional stories may be deemed untrue because they cannot be showcased in a real-life situation. In this sense, the narratives that could be true convey the information and the events that are humanly possible. The untrue stories are thus characterized by the impossibilities and things that cannot be achieved in the real-life situations.

June 12, 2023

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