A Review of Le Chemise Inc

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The enterprise system that the company adopts needs to have a couple of activities that assist it in its management and also that make purchases on the end of the customer easy. An ERP is normally compatible with those of suppliers, and it is assumed it is the case here. The system should provide for a module of integration with suppliers so that they can control replenishment of stock. That way, the company would incredibly reduce the costs involved in ordering and ensure that there are no stock outs. The ERP system should also have room for integration with CRM system such that the customers can easily give feedback on the experience they had purchasing a product from the stores and also, the quality of the products that they purchased. The ERP system should equally have a module that provides for payment by the customers especially that the company seeks to engage in ecommerce. The customers could pay from the comfort of their residence, using one of a couple of means of payment gateways available to them. Lastly, the system should contain a place for the customers to trace the shipment of their purchased product till they receive it. It is good as the customers get to learn when their product is bound to delay and the cause of the delay within the distribution chain.

Question 2

The inventory procedure that has been proposed by the son of the principal owner is partly good and partly bad. For instance, the capability that the system it gives to make purchases online may increase the rate at which stock is released from the warehouse thus freeing capital. However, it is equally disadvantageous in that it provides room for customers at their residence to make purchase and reserve the commodities of their choice. That implies that they can choose when to collect from the nearest store or when to ask for its delivery. This then becomes an inappropriate inventory strategy especially because it leads to holding of large unnecessary stock which consequently leads to increased costs.

Question 3

Ecommerce is the new concept of the next generation of shopping whereby an individual can purchase a product of their choice online from a webpage. When making a purchase in that webpage, it provides for the capabilities of payment settlement and the choice for door delivery. Ecommerce is advantageous to business because it increases the potential customer base as it becomes exposed across the globe. Ecommerce can be integrated with the ERP system so that any order that is made by the customer triggers an alert for replenishment need. It however, will depend with the replenishment strategy that the system will be set to utilize. Also, with this system, it becomes possible to determine what amount of products was purchased, at what period and this can possibly assist in forecast so that Le Chemise, Inc edges against shortages in the foreseeable future. I personally categorize the concept of ecommerce as the way forward as it brings about convenience, by saving times and costs. Ordering system integrated with the ecommerce platform would be of importance to me as it would make it possible for me to buy the product of my choice at whatever time and from wherever.

Question 4

A virtual company is one that operates online without any stock if their own, or a physical location from which it can be found. On the contrary, a traditional store is a place that is accessible by customers, like in the case of Le Chemise, Inc which has stores from which customers come to buy or collect what they have already paid for through a webpage. SEM is a way of paid advertisements that are placed on the internet. Just like any other type of advertisement, it is meant to increase sales of a company through creating a positive impression in the minds of the target market. Whenever customers try to seek for certain products online, if they use a keyword that is relevant to the products that Le Chemise, Inc provides, then its products appear. An interested customer is then redirected to their webpage upon clicking on it. They can then decide to make a purchase of the same, though make an order request and paying for it instantly. The customer may decide to go for it at the store or have it shipped to them. So, in overall, the SEM has positive effect not just to the virtual company alone but also to the traditional

Question 5

Le Chemise, Inc can market its products online and ensure increased sales as well as revenues. It can do both for its traditional stores and virtual business. The marketing plan can involve either one or all of the following; content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. For content marketing, Le Chemise, Inc needs to write resourceful information on the products they are selling on their website. This information can assist customers to make decisions. The second strategy would be to use email marketing which involves sending messages on offers, discounts, and other educative messages to customers and potential customers. Lastly, social media can be adopted in ensuring that a specific target population, with characteristics of desired customers is reached by adverts.

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