A Search Warrant for Stolen Goods

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I, a federal law enforcement officer request a search warrant as provided for in the United States Constitution under the federal rules of criminal procedure number 41. I have sufficient reasons to believe that an LG 50” television which was stolen is in the Robert Jones’ apartment. The television set belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Smith who were longtime friends with Robert Jones. Mr. Robert Jones was a colleague, and a workmate with Mr. Smith and they used to get along well until when their friendship started falling apart. Mr. Smith owned the suspect some money which was borrowed under unclear circumstances, but due to the challenging financial circumstances, Smith was unable to repay the debt promptly. As a result, Robert Jones threatened to confiscate Smith’s television set until and when his debt will be fully recovered. On the night of 11th October, 2018, Smith and his wife went for an overnight fellowship at their local church only to find their television set missing, and the was door broken the following morning. A neighbor to the couple has sworn an affidavit alleging that she saw Robert Jones within the premises at around 10 pm of his apartment located in 18 Bedford Street, New York City 10014, and he had parked his car near the house garage. After a record of fifteen minutes, the neighbor saw Robert leave carrying a huge bag and placed it in the boot of his car and drove off.

After interviewing a guard at the suspect's apartment in 119 Manhattan, New York City, he confessed to having seen Robert Jones carrying enclosed luggage from his car the same night the television set went missing from Smith’s apartment. The following are the descriptions of the lost television set: LG 50”-49UJ630V- Smart UHD 4K LED TV-HDR-BLACK. Also, the digital television reception includes DVB-T2, and its picture engines are Tru ultra high definition. The screen type is diagonal with a resolution of 2160 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 hertz with smart functionality. Also, the television has two inputs for connecting high definition video devices and one port for connecting a universal serial bus. The house to be searched is located in 18 Bedford Street, New York City and is a 1,054 square foot single-family home with three bedrooms and bathrooms. The main gate is painted blue and has a cemented perimeter wall installed with an electric fence at the top. Robert Jones was caught in camera trying to sell the stolen item to a friend named Michael Scofield, but he rejected the offer citing lack of item receipts indicating the original seller of the buyer and the initial cost. After approaching Robert Jones, he admitted stealing the television citing desperation of his debt payment. I pleaded with him to return the item or else risk arrest for taking and handling the stolen goods in vain. Mr. Smith filed a theft claim, and I believe presenting the stolen piece in court would help to provide the necessary evidence to assist the judge to hear and determine the case. Robert Jones after an interrogation with the police admitted to having not sold the television, and the prosecution side of the case have compelling reasons to believe that the stolen item is still in the premises of the suspect. Therefore, given all the information relating to the case, a search warrant will be of help to recover the television set.

December 12, 2023

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