A Self-Reflective Though

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The self-reflective thought and critical thinking

The self-reflective thought involves positively challenging people's actions and motivations. One chooses whether there is a better or more effective method to accomplish things in the future after exercising critical thought (Roberts & Stark, 2008). One of the indicators of self-reflective thought, in my opinion, is the ability to think critically about my spiritual beliefs and the universe's beginnings.

Interpretations of Genesis

Christians hold to one of two interpretations of the first two chapters of Genesis: either God created the world ex nihilo, or he created it from material that already existed (exmateria). There are others who think that these accounts are little parables that tell how God might have created the world, looking to science for an explanation instead.

Cosmology and the Big Bang theory

Cosmology, the scientific study of the universe and humanity's place in it, posits the Big Bang theory as the explanation for the existence of the world. This theory suggests that a massive explosion occurred15 billion years ago at which point all the matter in the universe began, including space and time, and the world emerged from there (Trefil, 2013).

Evolutionary biology and the origin of life

Evolutionary biology is another theory brought forward to explain the origin of the world. It argues that life began with very simple cells and later developed into what is present today. This evolution is driven by natural selection ("BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Evolutionary Biology," 2014).

Various theories on the origin of the universe

Several theories tend to explain the origin of the universe. The methods all give different accounts of how the universe came to be. I continually reflect on the presence of a higher power that created the universe and their sovereignty, and my role in making this beautiful world a better place.


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April 13, 2023

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