A Social Justice Issue Campaign: Child labor

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A Social Justice Issue Campaign: Child labor

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Child labor is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in many parts of the world to reduce mistreatment of young boys and girls especially those below 18 years. Child labor can be defined as employment of children such that it interferes with their schooling and sometimes is dangerous to their mental, physical, social, and moral well-being. Some forms of child labor include child slavery and servitude, which have existed for a very long time in America and other nations. During the period of industrialization, children were used to providing workforce in factories. They were preferable to adults since they were cheap, easy to manage, and hand low likelihood of striking for better-working conditions and higher pay. Although children labor has reduced in developed nations, there are places where it is rampant such as in the Middle East (Edmonds 6). Foreign investors own some of the factories employing children as workers in such countries and therefore it needs to be addressed. The aspect that catches the attention is that employers using children as workers own big companies that operate internationally and make huge profits. For instance, clothing industries are profitable businesses that can afford to pay workers well yet the owners tend to value child work, which they pay lower salaries. There is a need for people to know that child labor exist and take measures that ensure that children go to school instead of working in factories, farms, and other mining centers. Child labor is a global concern since it is practiced worldwide, especially in developing nations. Global companies are also involved in it especially the ones operating in poor nations such as in mining and clothing industries. The problem affects children between 7 to 17 years both male and female, especially in the Middle East (Edmonds 8). This campaign is aimed at raising awareness about the increased use of child labor in the Middle East and its effects on children since it denies them a chance to acquire quality education and become useful citizens.

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Reducing child labor in the Middle East and other parts of the world may be a difficult task but through volunteer campaigns, it is possible to bring the rates down and finally eradicate it completely. This can be using some organizations such as DoSomething.org, which helps in raising awareness to various individuals such as parents, children, teachers, governments, and employers (Dosomething.Org). To accomplish the task, the best strategy is posting a picture of tired-looking children in a busy factory with a slogan “Take me to School. Restore my Dignity”. The photo must portray the desperate situation of the kids in dirty and torn clothes, which depict that the money they are paid is never enough to sustain them. Some children will have books and pens denoting their desire to go back to school and achieve their dreams. The slogan will contribute to the positive tone of the campaign, which tries to convince people to end child labor, especially in the Middle East. The photo will also convince many people to give views and support the campaign to eliminate the vice. In addition to the picture, a proposal to challenge people to donate money to the organization that will be channeled to address the issue will be considered. For instance, there will be a need to produce several campaign posters to be posted online, education of parents, and employers to alleviate the issue, and involving the law to deal with employers of children. To support the slogan participants can post a positive message on the website with Hashtag Give me education followed by a message that discourages child labor. Some of the connotations associated with the campaign and the slogan include people misinterpreting the action and thinking that it is for profiting individuals or seeking fame. This can affect the tone of the campaign and thesis since it can lead to misinterpretation of the issue and reduce the number of supporters. To solve this issue it may be a good idea to create a space for explaining the problem of child labor using relevant statistics from the Middle East companies with photos showing children at work (Xu, Ying, Cho, and Tayur 7). This will convince everybody that the campaign is genuine and not a fraud. DoSomething.org is a platform used for various campaigns and posting one on child labor on the site is a good idea since many people trust it.

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Participating in the campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of child labor will be quite rewarding to the participants. The rewards will not be in term of payment or gifts but the satisfaction for helping a needy child somewhere to live a better life. The campaign will also give the participants a chance of knowing issues facing the world and solutions that are needed. This information is very important since it helps in campaigning for human rights with figures from affected nations. It is not possible to know things that happen in other countries without accurate data from reliable sources. The money donated will be used mainly for buying campaign items such as printed T-shirts, placards, magazines, Newsletters, and calendars among others, which can be distributed to different people, organizations such as UNICEF and the UN, schools, activists groups, and businesses for action. These can change the attitude of people and influence them to discourage child labor and campaign for education of every child in the world.

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