AACN Membership Requirements and Benefits

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AAN, a 501 (C) nonprofit entity, is currently the world’s largest specialty nursing association that offers exceptional community of nurses specialized in acute and critical care services. Here, nurses are committed to offering unwavering personal and professional and help in achieving the best possible health care (ACCN, 2018).

Primarily, our aim is to strengthen the significance of nursing, shape desirable practices, and affect the quality of nursing care. Our vision is the creation of a healthcare system based on the needs of families and patients where our critical care professionals make maximum possible contribution. Our values are rooted in, and emanate from, the organization’s abundant tradition, norms and culture.

Amongst the benefits you stand to access include unlimited free CEs such as free contact hours of AACN’s important care webinar series.  Additionally, you become eligible for a range of grants, awards, and scholarship programs. Finally, you can access free subscription to the association’s award-winning peer-reviewed academic documents.

A study by Bridges, McNeill and Munro (2018) has established that few places are worthy of working such as at AACN. The association is bent on making its members better practitioners and spares no time in ensuring that its mission and vision statements are attained in an inclusive manner. Friderg and Creasia (2015) concur that the foundation of competitive associations that offer quality services is in their ability to reach out to and change members into professional practitioners.

Interested parties can reach us on the number (800) 809-CARE (2273) or can make visitation to our offices AACN 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-4109. More information on our membership benefits and requirements can be sourced online from https://www.aacn.org/membership. Finally, for an insight into some of the work that our members have prepared, you can visit the peer-reviewed articles on the American Journal of Critical Care

and Critical Care Nurse Journals. In our next meeting, I will focus in depth on membership requirements and benefits.


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October 13, 2023
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