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About Amazing Grace

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Terminal value is a concept used to denote a present security value that helps one to succeed in future activities. I'd assume, for example, that William Wilberforce saw his friend William Pitt as his terminal value in Michael Apted's 'Amazing Grace' movie. After Wilberforce's disease, he decided to leave politics for studies in theology. His friend Pitt encouraged him to keep fighting in the country to abolish the UK's slave trade. Wilberforce counted it as his final importance when Pitt became Prime Minister, as Pitt's position exercised political impact on the legislation. Wilberforce pursued conformity and principled positions of actions and thought since he could not lose hope in fighting for the rights of slaves in the parliament.

2. Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to manage his or her emotions and the emotions of other people. Wilberforce applied emotional intelligence in parliament while presenting a bill for abolishing the slave trade in the country. The other members of parliament formed a coalition against his bill, but he did not give up on discussing the matter. The character gambles on abandoning politics to become a faithful Christian. He made his points by following his former mentor, John Newton who was a captain of the ship ferry slaves and a Christian who sweeps the church. Wilberforce also possesses a skill of balancing both political and religious issues.

3. At the scene where Wilberforce was his servant in the yard, he was trying to balance his social, religious and political life. The preacher believes that Wilberforce would end the slave trade because he had an influence both as a member of parliament and as a strong Christian. The priest views the world to be controlled by God.

4. I like the film because it depicts how their fellow human beings were mistreating people. I have also learned that slavery and the trade of slaves lowered economic development in Britain since it was against God’s will.

5. I find Wilberforce admirable because he is a character who never loses hope before achieving his goals and objectives. His persistence in prayers and fighting for the abolition of slave trade brought about an amazing grace of passing his bill in the parliament.

September 11, 2021
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