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Harry Potter and British Culture

Harry Potter was one of the most well-known fictional characters in both literature and film. The book changed how the world perceived British culture, presenting it as having a strong moral code, supportive political environment, and a wealth of literature. In terms of moral development, British children were regarded as a mature generation. The Potter series exemplified British society, which values equality, political tolerance, variety, and personal acceptance (Vezzali et al. 120).

The Impact on British Culture

Additionally, the Harry television series portrays British culture as less authoritarian and more hostile to the use of torture and brutality. They are perceived as being less cynical and having a higher level of political effectiveness. Harry Potter similarly introduced the culture of reading in the millennial generations of Britain. The world has occasionally viewed Britain as the powerhouse of academic excellence, with better Universities. All adults and children are addicted to reading Harry Potter's works, which has developed a productive reading habit among the British citizens. The world has a positive view that Britain has the best literature schools whereby the top books in The New York Times are considered to be Harry Potter's (Vezzali et al. 110). The book culture and the literary culture in the British have turned into pop culture, where every citizen is excited on hearing the performance of any book or release of any movie mimicking the character of Harry Potter.

Influence on Social Attitudes

Harry Potter's books and movies influenced the British to improve their attitudes towards stigmatized groups such as gays, refugees, and immigrants. The world acknowledges the British as a tolerant culture that respects the rights of minorities. His books examine prevalent social issues such as opposing identities, conflict, and prejudices (Rowling 167). Harry explores the stringent social hierarchies in British societies by creating meaningful contact with the stigmatized characters in his stories. He tries as much to appreciate their challenges, which stem from intergroup discriminations. He develops his story in a manner that provides social equalities and a free world. The British culture emulates this social fairness, which reflects their moral principles globally. Therefore, by merely looking at Potter's movies and stories, there is a unique sense of incorporation of British culture that draws the worldview on her. Potter's fans appreciate the British qualities in the movies and equally incorporate these elements into their local culture.

The Impact on Filming Industry

The Warners Brother studio of the making of Harry Potter provided a renaissance in the field of the filming industry in Britain. The Studio refurbished the Leavesden studios, in which the main character in the Harry Potter movies grew and lived. The Warner studios have significantly impacted on the Britons because it brings into reality the real events that happened in the Potter stories. The studio, which is located in London, U.S, was given a tax credit by the U.S president, Bush, which allowed more Britons to shoot Potter's films in the United States (Miller 79). The British directors and actors were used in this case to test the scoring system of Harry Potter movies, which necessitated secure approval, hence creating more revenue to the British government by selling more Harry Potter's movies. Similarly, the tax relief on the Warners Brother studio made Hollywood movies rely on it for film shooting. This situation has helped the British filming industries to prosper and create an efficient and sustainable hub of film production skills.

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April 06, 2023

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