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I moved to the United States when I was 13 years old, with my mother, father, and younger brother, from Cuba. My family has played an important part in my academic success by inspiring me to find what will be the perfect match for me in life. Furthermore, my family has taken pride in enriching my personality, which has greatly inspired me to participate in everyday events that have shaped who I am today. My family has always supported and helped me in my scholarly endeavors. My greatest strength is that I can effectively carry out my duties and as such, it will make it easy for me to work with patients. Besides, I have the ability to perform my studies and projects, with that adequately; I am assured of attaining good grades. However, I have a weakness in selecting active and serious students for group discussion for my course. Additionally, I find it difficult to work with negative people.

I have an associate degree in science, clinical laboratory science, from Miami Dade College. My academic experience gave me a new perspective. I gained the skill to study the field of science and to relate with patients in a more efficient way. My favorite teacher was Mr. Robert; he encouraged me to take that course and motivated me whenever I experienced challenges in my studies. Moreover, I used to enjoy his classes because he taught comprehensively. I disliked how other students in my former school perceived clinical laboratory science to be a difficult course; this is because, at some point, they almost managed to negatively influence my academics. I enrolled at GCU through an online application, and that was at the beginning of this semester. I chose GCU because it offers the best career studies for occupational therapy and I expect to gain the best grades upon my completion.

I have categorized my goals into ongoing and future ambitions. My academic goals are; to strengthen my occupation therapy skills that will help me in my studies and to attain remarkable grades. I focus on purposefully directing my goals to continue my active process of providing all-time professional development. This is my 1st semester at GCU, and I expect to complete the program of study in 2020. I purpose to work extra hard to fulfill my goal of becoming an occupational therapist, to work with children after graduation. For that to be met, I am working on my bachelor_x0092_s. I chose that profession because it is in line with my interests and as such, will give me an opportunity to give back to the society while handling different issues that affect its members. Furthermore, it has several rewards and good pay. I have a salary expectation of receiving $80,000 annually upon graduation. My life will change because; I will put all my effort on helping a variety of kids who have different needs.

After graduating, I am planning to work with a public hospital for a couple of years, then, later on, open up a private practice where I will be able to offer my services to clients_x0092_ in their homes and residential settings. I think I can learn from nurses because their responsibilities to their patients are almost similar to those of occupational therapists. They have the quality of patience that enables them to maintain the well-being of their patients, and as such, I believe I can benefit much from them. In the next ten years, I see myself working professionally and exposing my skill in a hospital, and the next two decades, I see myself set up in my private practice. In my opinion, success is the achievement of a goal and higher social status, I will be successful, and my life will positively contribute to the lives of others through meeting to their different needs. I will be assured that I shall have achieved success if all my planned goals will be accomplished.

December 15, 2022



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