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A Property Management System for Hotels

A property management system is software used by hotel administration to manage their properties. The software is used by hotel management to allocate rooms and ensure that there are no instances of double allocation of rooms to guests staying in the hotels (Griswold, 2013). Furthermore, the software can be utilized in the management of hotels' restaurants and guaranteeing that there is an effective process in hotel administration (Lederer, 2009).

Investing in Technology for Effective Hotel Management

Increasingly, hotels are making investments in technology in the management of their hotels and ensuring that they have effective management systems that can manage various aspects of their business from a centralized system. This paper offers recommendations to hotels to use the Hetelogix software in the administration of a hotel with 500 rooms and three food and beverage outlets.

The Versatility of Hetelogix Software

The Hetelogix software is a crucial management tool that needs to be used by the management of hotels in the management of hotels. The system can be put to use both online and offline. Additionally, the software can be integrated with various segments of business that require semi-autonomous and interdependent coordination. The features of the software enable it to be the best choice that ought to be considered by the management of the hotels.

Integrating with Distribution Networks

The various distribution networks can integrate the software. Many hotels work in close collaboration with the distribution networks to earn clients who seek hotel services. A hotel with a bed capacity of 500 beds is a midsized facility that requires a wider distribution network to find customers intending to visit the geographical location in which the hotel is located (O'Fallon & Rutherford, 2011). Some of the distribution systems that can be integrated with the software include social media channels such as Facebook, travel agents and the channel managers, all who play a crucial role in recommending tourists and visitors to the available hotels in which they seek hospitality services. Integrating the software with social media further enables the hotel to market its services to the public at more reasonable costs. The costs of marketing on Facebook are relatively cheap compared to the cost of marketing through the mainstream media. Therefore, marketing on Facebook enables the target clients to have knowledge and information on the existence of the hotel and the unique food and beverages that it offers to their wide range of customers.

Standing Out with Global Distribution System Integration

The feature of the system that enables it to stand out in comparison to the other software’s available is the ability to integrate into the global distribution system benefits. A 500-bed hotel has to majorly rely on the corporate clients to ensure that they have high occupancy rates throughout the year. The GDS software further enables the reservation managers of the hotels to offer personalized bookings for their corporate clients, thus, enabling the company to have the assurance of serving the corporate clients (Pfister & Tierney, 2009). The GDS system further permits the management of the hotels to use the history of the corporate bookings to analyze the general preferences of their regular customers, the spending capability of their guests, food preferences of the customers and the ability of the timeline that is taken by the clients to visit again. Therefore, integrating the system with GDS enables the reservation manager of the hotel to design programs that can be used in luring of the corporate clients to liken the services that are offered by the company (Blank & Dorf, 2012). GTS is also integrated with the OTA, thereby enabling the potential online customers to have information on the rates that are charged by the hotels (Raghubalan & Raghubalan, 2015). Such experience is a motivation to the customer to have a preferential booking in the hotels.

Online Bookings Made Easy

The unique feature of the software that needs to drive many clients to have consideration of installing the software on their systems is its ability to offer the choice for inline bookings to the customers who could be interested in booking the hotel and food and beverage booking online. The rate if internet use is ever increasing and many people are taking preference in online bookings rather than using the manual phone calls and manual bookings. The software can be interlinked with the website of the hotel, thus, enabling the company to offer quality online services to their clients.


In conclusion, the Hetelogix software is a software product that is recommended for the management of hotels with high bed capacity and multiple hotel and beverages outlets owing to the unique features that are existent in the software. The features of the software include front office management, GDS integration, housekeeping, a collection of experiences of the guests in the hotel, marketing of the hotel, management of reservation and online booking. Additionally, the software is relatively cheaper, and the merchants of the software offer training on its use to the hotel managers intending to buy. The software can be deployed both in Web and on cloud and is least likely to crash. Finally, the training on the use of the software is available on webinars and documentation on the software’s use.


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