The Hotel Indalo Park

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Hotel Indalo Park is on the boulevard of Santa Susanna in the region of Maresme. The hotel is surrounded by various facilities such as shopping mall, supermarket (Hotel Indalo Park). Moreover, it is near the train station with a distance of around one kilometer. However, both Girona and Barcelona airports are more than 40 kilometers from the facility. Attraction to the hotel also involves its closeness to the beach. Therefore, guests in the facility can have an easy time accessing and enjoying facilities at the beach that is around 150 meters away. The location of the hotel enables viewing of the ocean as well as mountains in the region. Therefore, the location of the hotel serves as one of the best ways to attract their customers.

Hotel Indalo Park has various facilities aimed at meeting the need of their targeted customers. While having my internship in the facility, I noticed several sections of the hotel that provide various services. The facility has rooms where the guests can sleep. These rooms have various services such as Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, fridge and necessities for the babies on request. However, the rooms have different standards with varying depending on the customers’ needs and affordability.  The facility also has bar and restaurants where the customers can take their foods and drinks. The bar further has pool and glass terrace. These facilities within the bar aim at improving the experience of customers. Customers of the hotel can also leave their luggage in the baggage storage room.

The hotel has three swimming pools for their guests to use. One of the swimming pools is primarily for children that have shallow depths. Two outdoor Jacuzzis are also part of the facilities present in the hotel to improve the experience of the customers. Presence of mini club in the facility entertains children between four and twelve years. Children entertainment also include a mini disco and games. As a way of meeting diverse need their diverse customers, the hotel also has disability facilities. A solarium is part of the building where the guests can enjoy the sunlight.

Hotel Indalo Park also aims at meeting the needs of companies that go the region and hold conferences. The hotel has conference and event room where the organizations can use in holding their meetings while also enjoying their stay. All these facilities within the hotel aim at satisfying the diverse needs of the customers that they receive.

The hotel departments and services they provide

There are various departments in the Hotel Indalo Park. Each of these departments has specific functions that they provide. Nonetheless, they work together with the aim of improving the experience of the customers in the facility. Some of the major sections include housekeeping, food and beverage, front office and human resource.

Housekeeping Department

The housekeeping department is one of the largest and essential sections in Hotel Indalo Park. They clean the rooms for the guests and other public spaces (O'Fallon and Denney, 176). The department is also responsible for cleaning other areas that the guests use while outside such as the swimming pools.  Therefore, they ensure that the hotel is always clean and meets the expectations of the guests. This department influences the possibility of the customers using the facility again or referring other people.

Food and Beverage Department

The Food and beverage department at Hotel Indalo Park provides its services in the bar and restaurant within the facility. In the restaurant, the department provides their services by preparing the foods, welcoming their customers and serving what they need. Thus, they ensure to meet needs of the customers that relates to foods. In the bar section, the personnel has the responsibility of serving the customers with drinks. Moreover, services at the bar include maintaining peace and solving incidences before resulting in significant troubles.

Engineering Department

The engineering department deals all areas in the facility. They carry out installations and repair of damages that occur in the facility. Any personnel that notes issues in the hotel notify the engineering department to take corrective measures. Provision of services such as repair of air conditioning system ensures that customers are comfortable while using the facility.

Front Office

I noticed the importance of the front office during the internship period. The personnel at the reception of the hotel welcomes the guests to the hotel. They then provide the customers with available rooms that they can book. Achieving this task require continuous communication with housekeeping department that provides information about the rooms that are clean (Andrews 143). They also answer any question regarding the hotel and services the facility provides. The reception also receives the keys from the customers while they leave the hotel and notify housekeeping department to prepare the room that is vacant for the next customer.

Accounting Department

The accounting department in Hotel Indalo Park provides various services. They invoice the customers while they use the products and service in the facility. Their works also involve continuously monitoring the accounts and carrying out reconciliation. This department also does a financial analysis of the organization, prevent theft or misappropriation and budget for the firm.

Other departments include human resource, store, and security. The human resource serves an administrative role and primarily deal with the staff to ensure competitiveness. Security department ensures no harm comes to the guests and staff. Department of store provides information about the remaining products and continuously ordering diminishing ones.

The hotel guests’ segments

The hotel focuses on tourists and individuals with high income as some of their guests’ segments. Hotel Indalo Park has rooms where people from far places can spend their time while enjoying the environment in Spain. The facility also has various places where families can spend their time. Children have many spots to enjoy their time while in Hotel Indalo Park. It is located near the beach is a prime area for tourists who will need accommodation while in the region. Thus, it attracts individuals with families who are on vacation. The high cost of foods and rooms in the facility make it exclusively for individuals who saved for vacations or have a high income.

The hotel is also focusing on firms on treats. The event and conference rooms provide venues for the employees of the firms to discuss matters relating to their organizations without necessarily being in the office. These rooms can also provide avenues for the companies to organize events and meet their stakeholders while staying in the hotel. Thus, Hotel Indalo Park provides needed facilities and environment for business groups as their targets.

Measuring of guests' expectation and satisfaction

One of the ways that the hotel uses to measure guests’ expectations and satisfaction is through online feedback. These reviews of the customers provide specific areas where they feel there should be an improvement in the hotel. The management continually monitors the reviews of the customers through online platforms. They use the feedback from the customers to make the changes aimed at improving the experience of their clients.

Another way that the facility uses in measuring satisfaction levels of the customers is through monitoring loyalty levels. High rates of customers reusing the services offered by the hotel show that there are high satisfaction levels. However, limited numbers of customers reusing the services of the facility would show the hotel is not meet their expectation nor satisfying their needs.


The hotel offers some of the best services in the area. However, there are some areas where there can be improvements to ensure increased efficiency and satisfaction of the customers. One area that requires improvement is the restaurant and their services. Even though they provide excellent services, there are incidents where the customers complain about the quality of the meals. Increased inspections of the meals prepared for the customers is one of the ways to ensure that such complaints do not persist. Moreover, low-quality meals can cause dissatisfaction of the customers leading to damage of reputation and loss of revenue. Dissatisfied customers often share the negative experience with others that affect the profitability (Rama 397). Moreover, the employees in the restaurant should welcome the customer continuously and tend to their needs regarding the foods they want.

The entertainment programs in the facility also require improvements. Entertainment ideas are becoming part of the culture in hotels to attract the customers globally (Glusac). Thus, Hotel Indalo Park should consider incidences of one entertaining group visitors. Continuous changes in the entertaining groups to enhance the experience of the guests will increase the satisfaction levels of the customers.

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