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Gay Marriage and Its Legalization

Gay marriage, often known as same-sex marriage, is the union of two people of the same sex. On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court issued a decision stating that gay marriage is an individual right protected by the US Constitution in all fifty states. Only thirteen states had outlawed homosexual marriage prior to the court's ruling, and it was already legal in Washington, D.C., and 37 other nations. Since 1996, when 27% of Americans supported such a union, to 2015, when roughly 60% did, there has been a tremendous change in public opinion in America (PROCON.ORG).

Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

The same-sex marriage is a misrepresentation of the purpose of marriage and family and should never exist, and only the marriage between a man and a woman should be legal.

The Controversy Surrounding Gay Marriage

Gay matrimony is not a wedding at all and just by referring to it so will never make it one. A nuptial has always been a covenant between two individuals of different sexes and from its natural history, an order for the reproduction and education of the offspring, and even the unanimity and welfare of the partners. The gay matrimony promoters offer a completely contradictory story. The union involving the individuals of the same gender denies the self-palpable biological, emotional, and physiological differences between the males and the females that get their complementarities in matrimony. Moreover, it is a denunciation of the precise principal role of wedding, the continuation of mankind, and the upbringing of the kids. For that case, gay marriage is a contradiction to the matrimonial institution and can lead to the extinct of people on earth, and therefore should never be legal (TFP STUDENT ACTION 2).

Marriage as a Natural and Moral Institution

Matrimony isn't just any bond that exists among individuals; it is an affiliation that has a deep root in the human nature and for that case, is under the governance of the natural law. The major fundamental precept of the natural law is that there should be the doing and pursuing of a good deed and avoiding of the evil one. The human beings can distinguish for themselves the good and wicked morals just by their natural reasoning. Thus, an individual can recognize the reason for his or her proceed and morally how wrong it is (Family Research Council 3).

Violation of Natural Law and Religious Beliefs

A circumstance that institutionalizes the evasion of the meaning of sexual act contravenes the accepted decree and the morality's intent standard. The natural law is universal and absolute and so, is applicable equally to every person, given that it has a root in the human nature. Furthermore, it orders and rules out relentlessly, ubiquitously, and all the time. In fact, in the Epistle to the Romans, St. Paul gave out a teaching that there is the inscription of the natural law on every individual's heart, that's according to Romans chapter two, verse 14 in the holy Bible. The gay marriage is not in uniformity with the natural law and therefore has no place in the just society. Also, such a wedding is an offense to God from the Christian point of view. It turns an ethical malevolence into a universal right and denies the kids the rights of having parents due to the use of vitro fertilization which is all wrong (Family Research Council 3).

A Call for Prayer and Opposition

The churches and other holy institutions should offer prayers to the corrupt individuals who are struggling with their weaknesses and are trying to overcome them through imposing their lifestyle on the entire society. They should also pray for the legislators and adjudicators who are always in favor of the same-sex marriage to change their evil intentions so that they can support and make gay marriage illegal.

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