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Self-directed Learning

Self-directed learning is the mechanism by which an individual assumes responsibility and action for the events that occur around them. People who engage in direct education typically pick, plan, and evaluate their learning experiences, which can be pursued at any suitable moment, at any place, by any means, and at any age. Many teachers in schools favor the method of self-directed learning to the coverage of syllabus and exams. Individuals participating in SDL often initiate intimate, demanding aspects and ensure the advancement of distinct attributes to achieve them. The SDL people have various characters and attributes regarding their initiatives. Self-directed learners are known to take actions in their own hands and ensure control over both their goals and the learning techniques they apply. The individual also schedules both short-term and long-term goals according to their convenience. They also seek out knowledge and take charge of their learning process. The learners also evaluate their learning processes and redesign their strategies.

Adult Self-directed Learners

Self-directed learners are mostly adults since most are highly independent and autonomous. They are also able to take an active part in learning which is problem-centered and has a great meaning. Self-directed learners are ambitious, goal-oriented, have competence, are autonomous and are responsible. The individuals have self-awareness on their strengths and weaknesses but are not sure of their academic capabilities.

Benefits of Self-directed Learning

Self-learners gain necessary experience in their youthful age which helps them focus their attentions on a particular field of interests. Self-discipline in studying and activities enhance their pursuit of excellence. These individuals typically learn fast and learn with a large skill due to pressure when placed in demanding and stressful positions. Recognition and achievements motivate them and enhance their interests and make the process a way of life to them. It is noted that being closed from opportunities as well as the severe conflicts and opposition motivates them to success and expertise.

Case Study on Self-directed Learning

These observed characteristics were reflected in the case study conducted by Robertson and Merriam. They noted that rural adults and the older people, in general, develop personal interest and are faced with emerging life scenarios. These aspects lead to such individuals taking up personal and self-learning initiatives away from formal facilities. It was also observed that some people participating in self-directed learning re-evaluate, adjust or change their learning objectives according to their mastery capabilities and levels of skills since they affect their learning processes.

Motivating Factors for Self-directed Learning

The case study also noted that most adult individuals participating in self-directed learning take part as a response to changes in their late life. This is usually as a result of retiring, having a lot of additional time, loss or changes in the family. Such individuals are also motivated by external eventualities or people to become learners. Such external factors and people are referred to as catalysts. Circumstances are the main driving factors to participation in self-directed learning and not evaluations of the needs to learn or results.

Rural Settings and Self-directed Learning

Interest and incentives are the main motivating factors to participate in self-directed learning. This leads to access of resources thus systematic learning intention. Other contributing factors are changes about family, time as well as loss. These are found to have a necessary implication on such individuals compelling them to participate in self-directed learning initiatives and processes. Rural settings are ideal for self-directed learning.

November 03, 2022

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