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I'd like you to write down one of the best things anyone ever said you when you were a kid. What were the things others said about you as a child that wounded you the most? Sensitivity is the reaction you had in response to someone stating anything bad to you. Being sensitive is being easily upset by what others say about you. On the other side, being sensitive may imply being able to understand the emotions of others. Imagine if you were walking to the stage, and then you fall and the whole crowd bursts in a laugher? How will you feel? You will feel embarrassed, have some bitterness in your hurt, you may feel like the worst person, you might start blaming yourself bitterly.

Now, think of it from this perspective, after falling down your teacher helps you to stand up, dusts you then escorts you outside to reassure you. How will you feel? Most of us will feel good and will develop a positive attitude towards that teacher. This teacher was sensitive. Now after falling in front of your colleagues do you keep on cursing yourself for the rest of your life? What do you do? You embrace yourself and move on with normal life as if nothing happened. The process of agreeing to move on with normal life is called acceptance. It recognizes a situation or condition without trying to change it.

Acceptance is a concept that we need to embrace in most circumstances of life. The reason we should practice recognition is that, at some point in our lives, we will face challenges that are inevitable. Maybe one may break up with his/her girlfriend or boyfriend; perhaps someone might develop a condition that is not desirable; we might even lose our loved ones. How will we move on after such incidents? A Buddhist philosopher once said that suffering comes because of resistance and pain. What is the opposite of resistance? Acceptance .By accepting the situation, there is less suffering.

What is the best thing that you can give to your friend? Look at the person seated next to you in the eye. With passion and vigor tell them you must have been a beautiful baby. Tell me how do you feel? Please be true to yourself. As human beings, one of the things we are searching for every day is social recognition. When we have achieved something, we like to be recognized. Social acceptance is a virtue that creates a drive for someone. It makes us to feel good about ourselves. So, start today to appreciate people, be grateful for the small things in life and your days will be full of joy. How many people can you compliment someone who made makes fun of them? Why will it be hard to congratulate them? Most of us will probably agree that the reason we may not compliment them is that they don't respect us. Respect is regarding someone or something as worthy. We tend to recognize those who appreciate us.

Treating others respectfully makes the realm a better abode to live. Treat others the way you would like them to address you. Always acknowledge people's efforts. Train your mind to do things that will positively impact others every time because whatever you do others you do it unto yourself. Always strive to make a place better place than you found it. Imagine how the world be if all of us attempt to make the world better.

April 26, 2023




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