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Millennials and the Rise of Social Shopping

Millennials are largely behind the rise of social shopping in America. The group's behavioral trends are influenced by contemporary changes such as globalization and the transformation of existing economic structures. As a result, their purchasing habits are influenced not only by the monetary worth and usefulness of products and services but also by other factors related to their unique motives. They think about things like sense and sincerity, and they prefer to unite around vital causes that have a reason.

Shaping Social Shopping through Social Consciousness

Aside from conscience issues when shopping, social consciousness is critical in shaping and promoting the idea of social shopping. The most significant contributing factor for such recognition is the interconnectivity that has come with technology such as social networking through various forms of social media and its accessibility which is facilitated by the widespread use of smartphones. Through such interconnectivity, people have constant and extensive access to social problems and issues such as human rights, climate change, gender inequality, and economic imbalances. (Sabrina) The awareness of such matters in society evokes the conscious faculties of the people, and they desire to do something about the various issues of their concern. They, therefore, resort to shopping practices that support such causes. An example is where people choose to purchase products such as works of art that are made by persons from impoverished countries and in so doing they hope to support those artisans since by providing a market for their goods, they would be contributing towards their continuity in employment. (Thau)

National Interests and Pride

In addition to that, many Americans also shop with national interests and pride in mind. They would, therefore, opt for products, often made in America, which make them feel more American. Such patterns seem to contribute to the choice by several businesses to pursue social entrepreneurship with some people considering the direction an important one in bringing back American manufacturing jobs from overseas. Despite its increasing popularity, social shopping is insufficient in bringing back manufacturing. The economic reasons such as cheap labor and raw materials that have pushed manufacturing abroad are more significant, and therefore social shopping is not yet significant enough to have much sway in major business decision-making regarding manufacturing.

Honesty in Manufacturing

American companies are not entirely honest with the people regarding the production of their goods abroad. Many advertisements by the companies seek to exploit the national identity by promoting their brand as American. Many of the companies, therefore, fail to disclose publicly enough about their products which are manufactured abroad either entirely or some parts. One technique that is used to evade deep scrutiny is group advertising of all products under the company whether they are domestic-made or foreign made. L.L. Bean, a retailing company, for example, is eager to point out that they are among the companies with manufacturing plants in the country in Maine. Many people, however, do not know that the company has many products that are manufactured overseas as well. (Sestric) Currently, many companies with overseas manufacturing business only gain attention if there is an issue that puts them in the limelight and not from voluntary disclosure. Therefore, more honesty is required from the various American companies with Overseas manufacturing.

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January 13, 2023

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