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Venezuela has suffered from authoritarianism and poor leadership. This administration has had an impact on the country's social, political, and economic activities, resulting in a terrible standard of living for Venezuelans. Suffering and grief have been their constant companions for a long time. As one of their principal forms of government, the country was initially administered by a federal republican. However, President Maduro opted to transform the political system into a total dictatorship. As a result, he has lost the support of other countries such as the United States and others.  Under the leadership of this president, Venezuela has no experience of how democracy and freedom look like. The single party has run the country, and anyone tries to oppose this faces the presidency with full force. It has become so hand for the opposition leaders to come up with a party that can lead them back to democracy. To tell the truth, most of the opposition leaders are facing a jail term, or they have been killed ("Dictatorship & politics: intrigue, betrayal, and survival in Venezuela, 1908-1935," 2009). An example of leaders who have been detained is Leopoldo Lopez who was the head of the Popular Will opposition party and Chavez who had a quasi-religious cult and died of cancer.

The vice president of this great country Mr. Tareck El Aissami is also faced with the serious accusation of trafficking drugs to the United States. Though he has denied those allegations, the United States National Treasury has blacklisted him for the crime. Considering he is the second most senior person in Venezuela, such accusations may not sound good to the country (Kimberly J. Morse, 2010) As a matter of fact, with such allegation, he should have stepped down to save the image of his office and the people he served.

In this, it is clear that Venezuela is in a bad leadership and it is high time the world leaders to intervene and save the people from the oppression they are experiencing. In addition, all those who have been involved in a bad leadership must face the full force of the law. This is the only inevitable way that may lead Venezuelan back to democracy and have their freedom back.


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Kimberly J. Morse. (2010). Dictatorship and Politics: Intrigue, Betrayal, and Survival in Venezuela, 1908-1935 (review). The Americas, 66(4), 570-571. doi:10.1353/tam.0.0236

May 02, 2023

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