Wings of Fire Plot of The Books

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Tui T. Sutherland is a Venezuelan writer who wrote the Wings of fire series of books about dragons (claimed age 12). The series is bright and adventurous, the first book is called "The Prophecy of the Dragonlings", it has its pros and cons. In general, the series tells about representatives of different dragon tribes, and each book has its own main character, they are all familiar and connected with each other. Just as it is typical for children's books, serious topics, such as hope and diversity of perspectives, are brought up in a playful, understandable, and accessible nature.

The Plot of The Books

The dragon world was engulfed in a war that lasted 20 years and 20 winters, but there is a prophecy about dragons that can stop this terrible war. No one knows where these dragons are and how they are able to return peace to the dragon kingdom, but we are reading this story, so we will know almost everything. In this magical world, there are several types of dragons with their own characteristics, remarkable appearance, habitat halo, and even queens. At first, it seems that the young reader might not understand the numerous types of all dragons, one might not remember their color and habits and forget the names of the queens, and that it is not worth talking about the many main characters, but all this is a delusion (Burnett). This brings about a great lesson about the different perspectives that people might have. At the same time, Sutherland attempts to let children understand that a different point of view is not good or bad, it is just what it is.

Little "prophetic" six-year-old dragons are very easy to remember, and it's very easy to make friends. And then the story will drag on, you won’t notice how it’s time to take on a new book. When the conditional pony's head was torn off and the first blood was shed (and this did not take long to wait), the reader is usually very surprised. And no, there is no terrifying and mind-breaking cruelty here, this is a book about dragons. And so they behave like a dragon, except that they do not eat people, however, because there are no people here. In total there are 3 series of books Wings of Fire, the first is represented by 5 books, namely:

  1. The Dragonet Prophecy,

  2. The Lost Heir,

  3. The Hidden Kingdom,

  4. The Dark Secret,

  5. The Brightest Night.

The second series includes:

  1. Moon Rising,

  2. Winter Turning,

  3. Escaping Peril,

  4. Talons of Power,

  5. Darkness of Dragons.

And finally, the third series consists of the following titles:

  1. The Lost Continent Prophecy

  2. The Hive Queen,

  3. The Poison Jungle.

The first series tells about five dragons - the earth dragon Clay, the sea Tsunami, the sand dragon Sunny, the rainbow Halo, and the night Starwing, who are destined to stop the war between the dragon tribes (Burnett). Each of the five books tells about the fate of one of the dragons and the customs of his tribe, friendship, love, betrayal, and, of course, adventure.

In the second series, completely new main characters appear, the night dragon Moonwatcher, ​​the icy Cold, the rainbow Kinkajou, the sandy Whirlwind, and the sea Carapax, the author constantly introduces old ones into the story or refers to them. The second series tells about the students of the Jasper Mountain Academy. Grown-up dragons from the first series of books decide to train young dragons from different parts of Pyrria (the fictional land of dragons) in the caves of Jasper Mountain. Teachers dream that dragons from different tribes would learn to be friends with each other and understand each other. But old enemies are trying to thwart their plans (Burnett). By observing this struggle, young readers are able to understand the concept of the diversity of opinions as well as how looks might not always be defining.


The Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland is a book in an interesting, adventurous series of tales of young dragons. The book series is good, but there can be many volumes in the series that tell about the mysterious, exciting adventures of the five dragons who save the world. It is a very beautiful landscape sketch and an interesting replica of the characters. Behind the wondrously depicted landscapes and fantasy realms, there is a compelling and moral story about hope, kindness, and understanding each other. Narratives like the Wings of Fire are some great examples of modern children’s literature that can bring up a future generation of kind and peaceful people, who, however, can defend themselves if need be.

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