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Volar by Judith Ortiz Cofer is filled with symbolism and a specific setting to portray a young girl's thirst for escape. The book also clarifies why she would want to "fly" so badly. There is a lot of symbolism in "Volar", so it's a good idea to read this book before you decide to start studying it.

Judith Ortiz Cofer

The short story Volar by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a novella set in the barrio of an urbanized American city. The setting is key to understanding the characters and story. The reader will see how a young girl can imagine herself as an adult superhero and climb to the high part of the apartment. The story focuses on her struggles and dreams of freedom. The narrator also struggles with her lack of physical power, as she is physically small and needs her parents for everything.

The main character of the novel, Judith, is a young woman who loves comic books. She dreams of being like Supergirl, a superhero with superpowers. Her fantasy is filled with minute details, including a sleek body and aerodynamic thighs. Ultimately, however, she is forced to confront her fears. It's not until she finds a way to become Supergirl herself that she realizes the world around her has changed.


Symbolism is a common theme in the story "Volar," and in this case, it's an important theme for the young heroine. In the story, she dreams of flying over her neighborhood, seeing everything at night, and sleeping in princess-like furniture. This theme can be analyzed from the reader's response point of view, as well as using psychological theories, such as those of Sigmond Freud.

Judith Ortiz Cofer's novel, Volar, is an example of symbolism in writing. The setting creates an intense sense of confinement and desire for escape. Cofer effectively uses symbolism to create this feeling of escape. Her descriptions of the girl's childhood are rich in symbolism. For example, when she places a set of comic books in her closet, she's making it clear that they're not in her bedroom. Her description of her transformation into Supergirl while climbing the stairs to the roof is particularly powerful and symbolic.

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The setting of Volar by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a Spanish-speaking neighborhood in the United States, and the narrator mentions that she lives in a "barrio," a neighborhood that speaks Spanish. The story follows the life of a girl who loves comic books. Though she is raised in a strict family, she is still drawn to them.

Throughout the novel, Cofer uses symbolic language to highlight the setting. The setting of Volar demonstrates the impact of poverty, confinement, and the effects of media on young girls' self-esteem. The protagonist of Volar dreams of flying and escaping her life, but is forced to settle for a less fulfilling existence. Her hope to fly is as elusive as her desire to escape isolation.


The words "volar" and "fly" are often associated with the same word. But what does Volar mean in this book? It may mean many different things to different characters. For one character, "volar" means flying, and for another, it means something entirely different. The word itself is a symbol in "Volar," and the author uses this symbolism to make her characters' struggles come to life.

The young girl in the story is a comic-book fan who is obsessed with the fictional Supergirl. In her dream, Supergirl is beautiful, strong, and in control. Her fantasy life is full of minute details, from the sleek muscles to the aerodynamic body. As a reader, you'll find yourself wishing that you could be her, too! Luckily, Volar is a compelling book, and you'll be glad you picked it up.


In "Volar," Judith Ortiz Cofer uses symbolic language to depict the problems that immigrants face. The story's central character is a young woman who longs to fly and escape from her confined and oppressive life. But her dream of flying doesn't stem from materialistic desires or the desire to be beautiful. She is simply looking for a way to fit into the culture in which she lives.

The story of Volar is a fictional first person narrative that takes place in the United States. The narrator describes living in the "barrio," a Spanish-speaking neighborhood. Her dream is to become a superhero, but she doesn't yet have the courage to do so. When she dreams of becoming Supergirl, she imagines herself as an adult superhero. The novel explores how this dream can affect a person's life.

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