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263 views 7 pages ~ 1742 words
The Bielski Brothers

Holocaust-related Jewish genocidal acts are and will always be linked to World War II. Adolf Hitler and his Aryan Nation...

232 views 3 pages ~ 558 words
the Article, Introduction to Film, Trauma and the Holocaust

The author provides an explanation of the infamous Holocaust that took place in Germany under Adolf Hitler's rule in the...

456 views 3 pages ~ 762 words
The Great Dictator movie review

A good The Great Dictator movie review will discuss the film's themes, including Charlie Chaplin's portrayal of Hitler....

80 views 3 pages ~ 748 words
winston churchill

Boris Johnson considers the consequences of Winston Churchill's conduct. Winston is arguably one of the most prominent f...

187 views 2 pages ~ 398 words
The Essential Learning Edition of America

The Treaty of Versailles brought the First World War to a close. The agreement did, however, blame the Germans for the w...

211 views 2 pages ~ 385 words
Check out Who's Back by Timur Vermes: Book Review

A book by Timur Vermes, Look Who's Back, outlines the particular events that contributed to the separation of the city o...

269 views 3 pages ~ 608 words
Great Designers: John Heartfield

John Heartfield is one of the most daring and influential musicians today. He was a German political artist, a pioneer i...

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