Adoption of Big Data Technology by TechFite

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TechFite's Collaboration with NASA and the Need for Better Technology

TechFite is an organization that deals with the production of medical devices for the space program. The organization works in collaboration with NASA and its proprietary technology allows humans to stay longer in space hence securing its systems is a priority. The growing demand for secure collaboration between TechFite and other companies that have access to its data has increased the need for a better technology that is inexpensive and can store a lot of data for a longer period. In addition, the technology should comply with the requirements of FISMA and NIST service as a security framework to compete effectively in the market among other technology organizations.

Implementation of Big Data Technology

My technological proposal to TechFite is the implementation of the Big Data technology. According to Gartner Inc. Big Data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. It helps deal with hundreds of thousands of streaming data sources that demand real-time analytics (Gorton, Ian & John, 2015).It can also provide high value to the organization hence efficient achievement of goals. The high volume ensures available storage space, high velocity ensures efficiency and speed of performance while high variety is its complexity in operation.

Advantages of Big Data Technology for TechFite

Big Data technology is on the rise because of its excellent measurability and speed of impact (Gartner, 2012) it is relied on by most companies for its ability to effectively handle huge quantities of data management. TechFite will be highly advantaged in the application of the technology to increase its effective storage of data for longer periods. This will efficiently help researchers who have to stay longer in space since data will not be lost easily.

Adopting Big Data Technology and Analyzing Organizational Demands

The adoption of Big Data can transform a number of technological advances, but is often more advanced. Transformation activities are typically low-risk endeavors designed to deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness at low costs (Narayanan, Huey & Felten, 2016). In order to adopt the technology, TechFite need to analyze its organizational demands and classify them in accordance with the technology's ability to solve these demands. An efficient management team should be put in place to oversee the performance and execute its technical goals (Buyya 2009).

Cost Effectiveness and Security Compliance of Big Data

Big Data is a cost effective technology (Gorton, Ian & John, 2015) that can fit within the TechFite's IT budget without incurring any extra costs. Furthermore, it contains a lot of storage space that will help keep logs for the organization enhancing secure collaboration and improving efficiency. In addition, Big Data meets the FISMA security framework (NIST, 2015) thus making data access across international boundaries very easy and its problems are primarily at the system level, hence can be solved easily. Despite the many benefits, too much data would be expensive to store and time consuming to process. Big Data is also complex, but with good IT skills and management, it can be implemented with ease.

Comparison to Cloud Computing and Future Growth

A good comparison to Big Data technology is Cloud computing. Unlike Cloud computing, Big Data allows utilization of local resources to offer IT services rather than remote access. Big Data technology is a flexible and stable network with longer periods of data storage unlike cloud computing that has limited storage and quite slow in performance hence making Big Data technology ideal for TechFite. The ability to use local resources rather than remote access that is presented in Big Data, makes it more powerful and efficient than cloud computing (Mell & Grance, 2011). Therefore, Big Data is the best way to go hence I recommend TechFite to adopt the technology. It is highly valued because it is unlike the traditional methods, it presents a highly effective decision making solutions.

Measurement of Success and the Future of Big Data Technology

A number of users such as NASA, impacted and technological success stories of the technology over time can be used as performance parameters to measure the success of Big Data technology. It has been used by several space agencies and the results have been fruitful. As years go by, technology is also shifting towards more advanced techniques and Big Data will serve as one of the best technologies in the future.

Efficiency and Benefits of Big Data Technology

With Big Data technology, it's possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately -an effort that is slower with and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions. Big Data technology has been in existence for many years and is being used by many companies to solve its technical and storage issues as well as interpretation of data. TechFite will therefore be among the many organizations that prefer and use the technology for its benefits. It is a fast growing network that will be the future of development.

Big Data Technology for TechFite's Security and Collaboration

Big Data is not a single entity rather a trend in technological advancement that ensures efficiency in performance and secure collaboration among organizations. Although it is complex and quite difficult to conserve individual privacy, the positive impacts of the technology outweigh its negative impacts. Therefore, to address the TechFite protection of its partners and intranet in order to improve security collaborations and reduction of traffic, Big Data technology is the way to go.


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September 11, 2023


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