Adulthood and Cognitive Development

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Misperceptions about Aging and Memory Loss

There is a widespread misperception that aging invariably results in memory loss. While it is true that older folks sometimes have periodic memory lapses, such as forgetting why they stepped into a room or forgetting where they put something, these mistakes are not limited to the elderly. Furthermore, acute memory loss has been linked to medical illnesses such as dementia rather than being a symptom of old age. Dementia is not an established medical term, but rather a phrase used to represent a group of disorders that induce memory loss or loss of daily abilities, both of which can have an impact on an individual's quality of life. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer's disease. According to research, the condition affects one in eight aged individuals. However, as the statistics show, the condition does not affect all old individuals and should not be used as a characteristic of aging. In fact, studies show that age-related changes are not the same or a sign of any form of dementia.

Normal Changes in Memory with Aging

There is no denying it that many old people complain about forgetfulness. These lapses can be frustrating but are not always a cause for concern. As people grow older, they experience both psychological and physical changes which are capable of altering the normal functioning of the brain. As age creeps in, it gradually takes longer to learn new skill skills and recalling old ones. In actuality, it is often mistaken that the slowing down of the elderly people's mental processes is memory loss. In reality, with a little time, the information that was previously forgotten can be remembered. This is simply a sign of the slowness of the body as it ages. It is also vital to note that, even at old age, the brain is capable of producing new cells and as such memory loss is not a definite result of aging. Additionally, similar to muscle strength, one has to exercise his or her brain to maintain its sharpness. An individual's health habits, lifestyle and day to day activities significantly determine their mental health.

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