Advantages & Disadvantages of Decision Support Systems

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A computer-based decision support system allows users to make decisions and choices based on information, communication tools, and documents stored in the system (Brainmass, 2017). The benefits of decision support systems include;

For customers, it offers a range of possibilities on a platform for the internet market that is designed especially for them.

They have analytics that let them identify a customer's unique traits, such as height, personality, and preferences.

Both decision-making and variable optimization are supported.

Quantifying every piece of data is difficult.

It is challenging to get all necessary data.

The system is susceptible to design flaws.

Knowledge management systems

KMS is a system that organizes individuals’ knowledge in the organization in ways that affect the performance of the team directly (Brent, 2000).


It ensures growth and development of employees regarding skills

Helps an organization make necessary workforce changes and thus provide growth of the organization

Ensures that the right information gets to the right people for decision making


It is difficult to implement the system

It is hard to switch from the traditional method of interacting face to face to new technologies of interacting online

The system needs high-level technology to be integrated

Transaction Processing Systems

Transaction Processing System is a computer-based database that enables the management and balancing of purchases within a business (Fitzpatrick, 2017).


Helps to access untapped markets

It can run several operations at the same time


The ability to run several processes is also a disadvantage because the complex system may be hard to handle

The system needs a massive technical team, which may be expensive for a small business

Due to its large databases, it is prone to malware attacks and system failure

Security systems



Ensures security and privacy for online users, especially social media account owners

Biometric authenticity is one of the most accurate authenticity systems because it identifies one’s unique features such as fingerprints and iris (Israa, 2015).

Authentication systems help protect vital information such as government matters


The systems are not free from hackers

Passwords can be obtained

Biometric systems have not yet improved to become fast and accurate

Access control

With access control, not just anyone can access vital information but selected few (Laskov)

Prevents access information from spreading to the wrong people

The system can be programmed in such a way that some doors can be accessed during times of emergency


Complex to use

Hard to upgrade or change

Sometimes biometric features can be affected by the environment such as fingerprints can be affected by harsh weather conditions hence hindering access to the right person.



Prevents identity theft (Ayers, 2016)

Prevents unauthorized access

Safe discharging of computers


It is a very complex technology

If you lose an encryption key, then data is lost

Encryption affects the overall performance of the computer by slowing down the system


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June 12, 2023

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