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This article depicts Toni Morrison’s life and background, her source of motivation for writing as well as how she shaped the history and development of African-American literature. It reveals that Morrison’s source of inspiration to write was her Mother who was a staunch Christian and beside that she used to tell her stories which inspired Morrison to Write. Apart from the fact that this source highlights how Morrison’s writings in cooperated Christian values, it also highlights how the author fought against American myths such as that stipulate that one cannot be female and black and be able to write and she uses this to challenge her black female counterparts to arise and write to build the African American literature.

Als’s piece of art is able to demonstrate how Tony Morrison’s writing paved the way for African American literature by combining cultural traditions, such as Christianity and African American myths and still draw a large audience all across different racial boundaries. The source manages to convince its reader on how indeed Morrison inspired not only female black writers but also African American writers to have their say in American Literature.

Frost, Sasha. (2016). Toni Morrison and The Pursuit of An African-American Identity. Journal of The Culture Trip: Ohio Books. Retrieved from

Frost highlights how Morrison’s various pieces of art captures the woes of African-American people as well voicing and condemning the socio-political discrimination that the blacks have undergone throughout the entire America history. The author also depicts how Morrison in cooperated the culture of the African American people as well as myths that these people held. The political side of Morrison’s stories are also highlighted by this source with the source reflecting on how Morrison tried to fit in the political situations of the times she was writing her books.

This source not only reflects on how Morrison was able to use her writing to depict the woes and plight of the African Americans but also how she in cooperated the myths, the cultural values of the blacks as well as the political influences that shaped African American Literature.

Burns, C. E. (2008). The Unspoken Spoken: Toni Morrison’s Beloved analyzed in the context of the African American experience of slavery, and slave narratives. Retrieved from

This article portrays how Morrison use her prowess in writing to highlight on how slavery was being used to degrade the African Americans. The author focuses centrally on one of Morrison’s novel “Beloved” which is all about the enslavement of the blacks in order to demine them and deny them a voice to speak. The source also highlights how myths were used by the whites to dehumanize the blacks and how contrary to the myths, blacks were both human and spiritual.

Burn’s focus on the Morrison’s depiction of the role of slavery in demining and dehumazing the African American. It highlights on how African American writers ought to follow Morrison’s steps and use literature to reflect on the issues affecting the people. The author is also successful in convincing the reader that indeed Toni Morrison in cooperates myths, cultural values of the African American people as well as how the blacks’ right spirituality ought to be respected.

Donaghy, D. (2006). Women & Literature: Toni Morrison. New York. Oxford University press.

Donaghy’s piece of art depicts ho Morrison’s novels were rich in African American Culture, Christianity and myths. The author uses Morrison’s two novels “The Bluest Eye” and “Love” to try and show how Morrison indeed shaped the development of African American literature. The author uses the novel “Love” by Morrison to depict the role that Christianity played in uniting both the black and the whites and Sula one of the characters who falls in love with a white guy. In The Bluest Eye depicts who the blacks deemed themselves inferior and Pecola one of the characters wishes to have the blue eye.

This source applauds Morrison’s role in the development of African American literature. The author uses the two novels of Morrison to enhance and develop on the thesis of this paper. He succeeds in convincing the reader that indeed Toni Morrison laid the foundation for other African American writers.

Hoby, H. (2015). Toni Morrison: ‘I’m writing for black people … I don’t have to apologize’. Journal of The Guardian. Retrieved from

The author of this source highlights on the achievements that Toni Morrison has achieved over the years in her quest to highlight the plight of African American. Her greatest achievements a Nobel in 1993 and also her latest, a presidential medal of freedom in 2012. In her latest novel, God Help the Child Morrison advocates for redemption and deliverance which reflects her role in not only highlighting that the African American people also are entitled to spirituality but also her Christian background that she manifests in her writings.

This source is a perfect fit for the description and development of the thesis of this paper in that it highlights why Tony Morrison is regarded as the founder and mother of African American literature. This is reflected well in the sources’ depiction of the various achievements that Tony Morrison has made in trying to develop African American literature.

Bell, B. (2006). Women and literature: the dual tradition of African American fiction. Journal of OUPlog: Retrieved from

This article highlights on the history and development of African American literature. It also stipulates on the issues and challenges that the African American writers faced from criticisms to how political influence sabotaged their quest to be part of American Literature. The source also recognizes the efforts put by prominent and key developers of African American literature in history who included the likes of Toni Morrison, Richard Wrights and Langston Hughes. The source stipulates on the need to appreciate such writers.

Bell’s piece of art is a reflection of modern day American Literature. It’s advocacy for appreciation of the shapers and early developers of African American literature. This goes a long way in ensuring the development of literature and a boost on developing African American writers. The source convincingly manages to blend with the thesis of the paper and convinces its reader to understand and appreciate African American literature.

Kerrey, S. (2011). African American Literature. Journal of Samwiterson. Retrieved from

This source stipulates on what African American Literature entails. It reflects on the history and the development of African American Literature to present. The source highlights on the themes and characteristics of this form of literature and what makes African American literature unique and its role in defining the entire American Literature.

The author succeeds in merging with the thesis being discussed in this paper. The article’s depiction of the history, development as well as the characteristics and themes entailed in African American literature plays a vital role in paving way for the development of African American Literature.

Watson, K. (2009). Literature as Prophecy. Toni Morrison as Prophetic Writer. Journal of Georgia State University. Retrieved from

The source portrays African American literature as the mirror of the society. It reflects on how African American Literature was used by black writers to highlight on their challenges and issues they face as blacks, issues related to racism and the plight of the African Americans. The source also acknowledges the role that Toni Morrison played in the development of African American literature and how her writings influenced and motivated other developing American writes especially female writers.

The source’s portrayal of African American literature and literature generally as a mirror and playing a prophetic role builds on the thesis that Toni Morrison who is among the prominent African American writers play a crucial role in the development of African American literature as well as a reflection of the society’s cultural, mythical and political background.

Essays, UK. (November 2013). Toni Morrisons Contribution To American Literature. Retrieved from

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This source stipulates that Toni Morrison’s novels are often a reflection of the issues and the racial formation in the American society. The source stipulates that Morrison’s writings dwell literary manifestation of the plight of the African American person. It states that her common themes of racial formation, identity, independence, importance of family and community as well as identity in the American society.

The source does not only recognize the fact that Morrison’s novels portray the aesthetic nature of the society but the fact that her presentation of her writings her aesthetic by nature. This challenges other developing African American writers to follow her footsteps and use the literature to mirror the society’s Aesthetic nature. The themes and points of views identified by this source with regards to Morrison’s writings will guide developing African American writers.

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