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Air Jordan shoe sales increased by 17% in 2016, totaling $2.6 billion in the United States alone. These signature shoes outsell the top active NBA player, LeBron James, eight times over. International sales and Jordan gear account for more than $1 billion of the footwear' total global sales. As of 2016, the brand controlled up to 58% of the basketball shoe market (Ema, 2016). Jordan Air sneakers are well worth the money, and no other star is likely to outdo him.

The shoe industry is primarily reliant on sponsorships and public influence from powerful people. Most people purchase sneakers because they saw an athlete wearing them, a prominent singer, or leading fashion personnel. As a result, many people have been come up to endorse various types of sneakers in the recent years. Some of the common names include James Harden, the Kardashian Family, Drake, and Dj Khaled amongst many others. However, they have not been able to beat the sales that are associated with Michael Jordan. The endorsements he makes remain top of the market for the sneaker industry. All the releases that are made sell out in seconds. Numbers do not lie, and since Jordan is still rated one of the most important personnel in the sneaker industry, the shoes are still a sound investment.

The Air Jordan sneakers are a lifestyle. They are inspirational. The sneakers are used to celebrate the life and achievements of Michael Jordan. Jordan was passionate about basketball and at one point played with full-blown flu. He could just not get off the court. Many people also see his legacy of 'go big or go home' as inspirational across the world. Therefore, the shoes are a celebration of the great achievements that Jordan achieved on the colt. They have become a culture of people and almost all kids growing up in the US dream of wearing the legendary sneaker. They believe that if they can live out their lives like Michael Jordan, then they can achieve great things just like him. Jordan realizes the same potential of the sneakers, and in one interview with the USA today, he commented that the brand was bigger than he was as an individual was. He said that it was going to outlive him about what he did for the game (Jones, 2015). Although one day Jordan's name may not be a great one, his legendary lifestyle will live on. The sneakers will, therefore, keep selling because they are associated more with a lifestyle than a name.

Numerous stories have been told of how people starved themselves just to acquire a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. Others had to save for years to purchase a pair. Therefore, the sneakers are not for the wealthy or the classy individuals in the world. Some people have taken owning such a pair as a life goal they must accomplish. Jordan retired in 2003 and some people have never watched him play a single game. However, they have heard his story of how great talent mixed with passion and a desire to win put him over in life. The story is told through many generations and numerous books published in honor of the great achievements Michael made. Therefore, individuals have adopted a culture of regarding the legendary Jordan. That is why many people across the world including teenagers set goals to purchase a pair of the sneakers. Just like any other target, they will go to any extent to achieve it. Since the sale of the sneaker is not dependent on any fashion wave, the numbers will keep rising. They are more of a statement that associates individuals with the talent and passion that Jordan had. Therefore, it will be robust enough to keep selling the sneakers even in future.

The Air Jordan sneakers are a combination of design and elegance. Every model is different because it depicts something about Jordan's lifestyle. In an interview with Michael Rapport, the executive producer for Jordan Heads, he said that every model is designed to infuse something about Jordan's lifestyle (Fowler, 2015). Some depict the motorcycle brand he loves, others the car model he fancies and other make a statement about his basic life like the cigar he smokes. Apparently, the sneaker meets more than the basic need of being a shoe. The models are also launched often which means that there is always something to look out for. One of the fascinating sales of all time is that of the retro Air Jordan XI "Legend Blue" in 2015. The design sold out in three hours from the Nike Shoe Company website. Other retailers who have stocked the model sold it in less than a week. The shoes were selling at an average price of $180. Therefore, Nike sold more than $80 million in one week. Other brands such as Adidas, Reebok, and other non-Nike or Jordan brands sold a total of $190 million in 2014 (Badenhausen, 2015). The figures are incomparable.

Clearly, Air Jordan sneakers are always worth the investment. They have been on the market since 1984, and the sales only seem to be getting better. Coupled with the idea that the shoes are a lifestyle and part of the culture of most individuals, the brand is strong enough to beat any other active top basket player in the world.


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