All Green Grocery

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'All Green' Grocery Store Layout

'All Green' is a local grocery in Alabama with four separate branches within the state. The grocery is arranged in a manner that separates products in particular categories. As soon as you enter the grocery, the shelves on the first line are filled with different types of vegetables including kales broccoli, lettuce, chard, cabbages, Brussels sprout, and Cauliflower. On the opposite shelves in the same line, there are marrows like cucumber and pumpkin and roots (yams, potatoes, cassavas, and sweet potatoes). On the second line, there are natural ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, garlic, oregano, mace, cumin, chervil, and peppers as well as different types of fruits. On the third like, there are packed cooking ingredients and spices including oil, butter, table salt, sea salt, vanilla extract, coconut oil. The last line constitutes cereals like wheat, food grains, maize, and rice. The co-location of the products is a designed plan to allow for easy access of the products by consumers. The grocery is also able to make easy profit analysis since each of the grocery food groups have their own tallying points.

Convenience and Accessibility

Fruits and vegetables are located close to each other since most consumers will always consider selecting both products in every purchase (Store design & construction, 2016). In addition, they are more perishable compared to other products and, thus, are positioned together. The subdivision of the shelves allows for easy access in the grocery; consumers can easily move across the lines to choose their products (Phillips, 2006). Ease of locating products is also enhanced by the clustering of products together; one can access all the types of vegetables or fruits demanded easily. It is also interesting to note that price tags have been placed on each of the product types; customers, therefore, find it easier to identify the prices during the product selection.


A key recommendation I would make for the grocery is to consider the use of creates which are horizontally placed along the shelves. This design is important as it requires only few products which would appear abundant to the consumers. The grocery should also add beverages in their outlets; many consumers who purchase fruits and vegetables will definitely want to purchase drinks such as milk, yoghurt, and soda. Placing them in the grocery will increase customer satisfaction.


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September 18, 2023

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