All Summer in a Day Short Story and Its Analysis

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The work “All Summer in a Day” is small, only about 4 pages, and how much deep meaning the author put into it, how many emotions it makes you experience. All these images are so metaphorical that the meaning is read between the lines, and all the problems are in full view. Yes, once again it remains to be convinced of the talent of the writer. Stories about children, about childish selfishness and heartlessness, are always shocking and alarming, and such works are read with a heavy heart. And there is no difference: either this is a real story, the events of which take place on Earth, or it is fantasy, as in this work.

Short Story and Its Analysis

The story of the American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury “All Summer in a Day” is very famous, the scene in the story is the planet Venus, to which people flew in order to "settle in and build up." It has been raining all the time on the planet, namely for 7 years. Children on the planet have never seen the sun, except for a girl who flew in from planet Earth. Of course, this story is fantastic, no one lives on Venus, but its meaning is quite earthly and open (Dederichs 92-93). This story raises the problem of rigidity, and envy, not only for children but also for adults, because children reflect adults, they copy their behavior, actions, and actions.

The action of the fantastic story takes place on the planet Venus, where parents and children flew in to settle and build up this rainy planet, on which it has been raining endlessly for 7 long years, and there is no end in sight. But now the good news has appeared: soon the sun will come out for a couple of hours, and it will be possible to admire it and bask in its rays. The main characters of this story are children, their relationship with each other, or rather, the relationship of the crowd to a person, to someone who is not like everyone else, to the "black sheep". The girl Margot is the only one in the class who flew from the Earth, she remembers what the sun was like, and how much joy it brings. But classmates avoid her, do not want to play with her, and criticize “her pale snow face, her waiting silence, her thinness, and her possible future” (Bradbury 2). She also feels that she is not herself in her circle of classmates, and it is difficult for her to find a common language with them, there is not enough support. But where to go, one must put up with such circumstances and wait for her parents to take her away.

Of course, constantly seeing the same thing in the windows of the deep shelter, where the life of the children passes, is very dreary and hard. But one cannot put all their negativity on a person who thinks a little differently, thus different from everyone else. It is a pity not only for the poor little girl Margot, who was so cruelly "laughed at" by her classmates but also for themselves. And the point here is not that it is raining, or the bright sun is shining, but the point is in human relations, under any circumstances, one must always remain people. After all, it is precisely such feelings as mutual understanding, kindness, and sincerity that distinguish humans from other living beings (Dederichs 97). With such an idea being brought throughout the story, Ray Bradbury managed to create an all-time parable suitable for the post-modern times.


Bradbury very colorfully describes all the human phenomena in “All Summer in a Day,” one can imagine how it rains incessantly and how the sun appeared for a short time, how bright and beautiful it was. The author brings to the former the image of the sun and Margot, the main character, who looks like a ray of sunshine. The girl is kind and bright and is a contrast to the background of other children. The adults do even worse than the children in this story. And how many of these Margot type people fall under the close attention of their colleagues. They are often oppressed and humiliated, and they become the subject of ridicule at work because the human heart is more prone to evil than to good.

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June 23, 2022


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